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  1. There's a saying in IT when deciding to hire someone: "Does he have ten years experience, or one year of experience repeated 10 times?" You can't tell someone's experience and competency from total hours alone.
  2. It won't be down-to-the-mile precision. It won't be down-to-the-ten-miles-precision. VRC doesn't know anything about the weather you're flying through. Best it knows is the METARS, which are often the same as yours. But update frequencies can cause differences there, too. Airports are pretty far apart. Nor does a METAR give wind aloft, cloud height, turbulence, & etc. Each flight sim client makes all of that stuff up. BTW, A little bird told me that Ross has the inside scoop on what makes VRC tick and why some things might be impossible to do at this time.
  3. Ian, The fake dummy's hair is only slight shorter than the real dummy's hair. Keith, You don't even need the widescreen monitor with TrackIR But I'll support your story that you do. It's for a good cause. The only issue so far is that it's harder than a son-of-a-gun to click on panel buttons in a 3d panel with TrackIR. You have to hold your head perfectly still while clicking or the button moves out from under your mouse cursor. There is a hot-key to freeze the tracking, and I wondered what that was for. That's probably what. Look at the panel, wack that key, click the button, th
  4. Here are pictures from the utility you can use to tune TrackIR. These are the default settings; you can change how far you have to move your real head to make the game head move. All six axes are individually tunable. The default tuning is non-linear. The window with the three dots shows the TrackIR camera's view of the TrackClip PRO clipped to my headset. The window with all the curves and lines shows the head position and game position of each axis. The bottom window is, I trust, self explanatory. Track IR configuration pictures
  5. About two hours of fiddling to have it installed and figured out good enough to go fly. No major surprises. This is a spin around the traffic pattern at Van Nuys 16L using Track-IR. Sandy Barbour's great plug-in gives X-Plane 5 degrees of freedom (x, y, z, yaw, pitch) with Track-IR. You move your head, it changes the view. Works pretty well. The plane is 3pointaircraft.com's excellent Fighter ultralight. Great plane, dumb name. Yes, the plane's nonexistent radio stack picks up marker beacons. It's a fun flying plane, and well behaved in the air. The star here is the Track-IR
  6. Keith, Tell ya the truth, it's Jason's Pipers that are making me want Track-IR. I'm right on the edge of just ordering the thing and answering those questions myself. If it doesn't work with x-plane (and I think it will), I'll sell a slightly used track-IR to one of my FS friends. Good point about the x-plane.org forum. Unfortunately, it's gray-on-black today. I thought I ended up at Goth-Plane by mistake.
  7. Track-IR 4PRO & X-Plane: How many degrees of motion with x-plane? How many hours to configure it and get x-plane set up? Is getting x-plane to use it twitchy and touchy, or easy? Does it matter which plane I'm flying?
  8. William, Thanks. Just as mysteriously as the staticky noise arrived, it has gone. Flew last night and wasn't bothered by it. Go figure.
  9. From American Heritage Dictionary (dictionary.com):
  10. Starting yesterday, most voice channel transmissions that I receive in xsquawkbox have an annoying bit of sharp static at the beginning and/or end of the transmission. I've made no intentional software changes on my end. Is anyone else noticing this? Any idea where the problem might be?
  11. Presenting a local date with a zulu time is a sticky wicket. You could give each date and time in both Zulu and at least one US time zone, but keep them consistent: only give a zulu date with a zulu time, and a local date with a local time. For example: Event starts at: * We Sep 19 0200Z which is the same as: * Tu Sep 18 1900 PDT Ugly, I know, but less ambiguous.
  12. Where do y'all go for airport scenery? I'm looking for Socal airports especially.
  13. It looks like the xsquawkbox beta 5 has expired ("connected" is grayed out). I've never used the non-beta xsquawkbox--does it have bugs that will drive me... buggy? Or should I wait for a the xsquawkbox guy to reset the timer on the beta?
  14. For about a month I've been flying X-Plane online. It's taken some adjusting, but there are some neat things about it. One of the neatest is X-Plane's failure model. I've got it set to deliver a failure on the average of once every 1000 hours. A failure could be fairly big, or fairly minor. It could be an engine, and instrument, a control cable. So far I've had three failures and one bird-strike while flying online. ------------------------------ My first X-Plane random failure came while I was on the final approach segment for a VOR approach somewhere in SOCAL. It may have been
  15. Thanks, Keith. The slash key works. Press it once and it shows the airplane's thrust vectors. Press it again and it shows the wind near the airplane. Very near the airplane; if you're looking out the front it's easy to miss the green wind lines through all of the prop's white lines. You do have to be close to the ground to see the ground level winds, but that's alright. I was helping a buddy to fly slips and he wondered if there was a way for him to see the wind. Since slips are best practiced close to the ground, that's fine for what we need.
  16. Thanks, Peter. It must have been something else I saw.
  17. Is there a key, configuration item or plugin in X-Plane that will draw vectors showing the ground-level winds? I could swear I saw a picture, taken from X-Plane, showing the wind being deflected by a hill, but I can't find it now.
  18. Awwww, but I like sloping runways. Ok, done whining. I'll turn 'em off. The external view tip is perfect, as is the instruction to edit the apt.dat file. Thanks!
  19. Keith, True. What I'm referring to is entering numbers when, say, dialing up weather. It's an obnoxious user interface that makes you click on little up-and-down triangles to enter a number when there are keys labeled zero-through-nine on your keyboard. It's not a show stopper. It's just part of the "balance of goodness" with X-Plane. Overall, X-Plane so much better at being a flight simulator than is MS Flight Simulator that it's worth learning to live with the quirks.
  20. These are my early observations based on about 5 hours of dinking around with X-Plane. I haven't gone online with it yet. My advice would be to let X-Plane p[Mod - Happy Thoughts] by for now if what you want is PMDG 747-400 style systems modeling and FMC. But would those planes really benefit from what X-Plane has to offer? X-Plane is not a button pusher's sim. X-Plane looks to be the cat's meow for general aviation flight, however. You can do real slideslips. There's actual ground effect. The instruments are smooth, and the flight model has that fluid feeling that flight really has
  21. Reece, Thanks for the hints. I've got "sloped runways" enabled, which means that the ramp at one end of the field can be at a different altitude than the ramp at the other end. Do I have to turn that off to be able to slew using the map? That would be sad. I was looking forward to sloped runways. Resetting the equipment failures doesn't fix the plane after I break it by having it drop 20 feet to the pavement. Even after resetting the failures, The prop is missing, the engine won't run, and a "structural over-G" message remains on the screen until I select a new airplane. Is there
  22. You guys are right, the local map is pretty good for positioning the plane. However... I load up X-Plane, and my plane is at LAX. I select overhead/local-map and drag the plane to where I want it. I close the map screen, and my plane drops to the pavement and shatters, because the airport elevation is different in the new location. No problem. Select file/open_aircraft to get another airplane from the airplane dispenser. And that does fix my airplane, but it puts me back where I started when I loaded up X-Plane. Drag again, shatter plane again, reload plane again, get moved awa
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