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  1. I knew you guys would come through. Thanks! I'm getting closer to having the courage to throw away my comfy, worn FS9 and give X-Plane a try online.
  2. Does X-Plane have an overhead, outside view like FS9's satellite view? I find it invaluable for positioning my plane on the ramp prior to connecting. With X-Plane's truncated airport scenery, I've got no idea where it's putting me, and without taxi signs, I need the satellite view to get a picture of where I'm at on the airport. I'm not willing to call the tower and say "I'm not sure where I am or where the taxiways are, but how about you just let me taxi around at random until I find the runway?"
  3. Ian, Thanks! I'll try that setup and see how it works for me.
  4. Good question, and good answer. I'm guessing that if I keep flying the Supercub when I get online with X-Plane, a 10 second pause will be indistinguishable from my plane's normal pace. "It's faster than a stationary object!" "It's more powerful than... something that isn't powerful!" "It's Suuuuuuupercub!" -- anon
  5. I just started drinking the X-Plane coolaid. Tastes great so far. I've gotten used to the way my hat switch works in FS9, and would like to emulate that in X-Plane: Pressing the hat switch to any direction gives me a view in that direction (front-right, right, back-right, back, back-left, left, front-left, front). Releasing the hat switch brings me back to forward view. I've got CH Yoke, CH Pedals, and X-Plane 8.6. I am especially fond of being able to release the hat switch to get back to forward view. Is that a reasonable request, or is there a better, "X-Plane way" of using the
  6. The ZLA VFR Flying Club is having a flight Friday (6/15). If it looks like fun to you, won't you please join us? Be at KCMA before 0200Z and tune your radio to 122.90. We'd be tickled pink if you came.
  7. (Bangs the remote control against the armwrest) "Dang it! Every time I select the Playboy channel, I get this knock-off of the Jerry Springer show instead." (Bangs the remote control some more) "Madge! Do we have any batteries for the remote control?"
  8. Marc, I hope Michal takes your impatience as a compliment--look how quickly vRoute became "required equipment." ServeInfo still works for many of the functions that vRoute performs. Consider it a backup to vRoute, and you'll find the waiting easier.
  9. Don, ID10T is not a proper US callsign. Please pick another. Wayne
  10. Ah, it's Noun-Verb, not Verb-Noun. That made all the difference. Thanks!
  11. Quick question: As I understand it, the map isn't zoomable. So what I see in the image you posted is a programmer's view of the map that I can't get, right? I've only ever gotten it to show me a zoomed-out view, where boundary differences like that are too small to be discernable.
  12. The US low-level enroute charts show the boundaries between ARTCCs. I [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ume the high-level enroute charts do as well.
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