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  1. I have always had it on 4XS and I never knew that was the problem. I lowered to 4X4 (probably not the best option), but it seemed to work! (on inspector..)
  2. I did not know if this was the right forum to post in so here I go... Is there any way I can just lessen the "sharpen" on the plane? I do not really know what else to call it..
  3. Congrats for BOS making it on TWR, APP, and CTR lists! Even BDL made the cut on APP!
  4. you can find routes on www.flightaware.com, www.vataware.com, even www.simroutes.com and www.fltplan.com from/to various airports in the US. many routes already include the SID and STAR.. in Europe, you are [Mod - Happy Thoughts]igned a SID/STAR based on the runway. in the US, 9/10, the SIDS/STARS work for all runways.. file the route and you'll be sent on your way. if something is wrong with the route, ATC will tell you.. Cheers!
  5. @Brandon, that is an interesting sector file.. what was used to make it?
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