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  1. The field is largely male dominated. With the way that some folks act however, it's no wonder that we lack many females in the organization
  2. http://forum.vatusa.net/index.php?showtopic=4699 They are currently undergoing a host change and everything should be back up within the next day or two. Thanks for your patience and willingness to help!
  3. When you've managed to confuse the training director, you know you're in trouble!
  4. I DO use an alias file as a SUP because it simply makes things easier. I mean honestly, I'm going to type the same thing anyways where I introduce myself (Except maybe change a word or two) so why not use an alias, especially if you're the only SUP online (or maybe one of two) and there are 5/6 working conflicts. I do want to make the point that I approach scenarios differently if I understand the problem (controller or pilot explains it via the wallop). I don't ask what the problem is but ask if they have anything further to add to their wallop because a lot of folks shorten it in the wallo
  5. Are you keying in the full squawk code (as in typing in 2000) instead of just changing the 12 to 20 from the first two numbers?
  6. At ZTL (and several other ARTCCs), the way around the text limit is usually done by sending 2 (or more) messages. Leaving the sim to pick up the PDC is certainly NOT required. If you cannot or do not want to open a new window or use a secondary device for whatever reason, do not by any means feel obligated to do so.
  7. I suggest that you look up a module called "Track IR". It's a little expensive and certainly takes getting used to but I think it's worth it. It sort of moves the screen as you move your head with a sensor that is attached to your headset or a hat.
  8. Visual approaches are just that...visual. By definition, you rely a lot less on the instruments for such an approach. Visual approaches are usually hand flown in (sometimes the autopilot is used to manage the heading and/or altitude until a certain point on the approach). As far as the FMC goes, the option to select would be the one that just simply said "RWY31" or "31" without the ILS /RNAV/VOR/etc., before the runway number. I always plug in the localizer information when applicable, even when I fly a visual approach. PAPI lights are used when applicable also to manage the rate of des
  9. Just beacuse they have some limited web problems, does not mean it's the end of the world and everything is closed. It's the internet...sadly it doesn't work 100% of the time.
  10. I don't think US Airways/American flies the citation x.
  11. It's always nice to recieve feedback of any sort. I suggest that you head over to the ZJX website and fill out the feedback form so that they get to see it for sure. http://www.zjxartcc.com/?p=13
  12. With the technology improving at VAs, a custom system is the way to go.
  13. Just thought I would share this information with our VAs here on VATSIM. Might be a good opportunity for some folks but the deadline is coming up soon. http://skyblueradio.com/?p=1474
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