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  1. For those like myself who have a rather large number of runways Sami was kind enough to write a simple script tailored exactly to my needs to make the changes and worked perfectly. Sami was kind enough to offer to tweak this script for those needing it. Detals here: http://forums.vatsim.net/viewtopic.php?p=184089#184089 -D.
  2. That's correct and I have told the developer as much correcting myself. -D.
  3. Sami, Wow! Talk about a helping hand! I really appreciate this. I will download and run it as soon as time permits. THANK YOU -D.
  4. Gergely, I withdraw my claim this is a "bug" since it obviously is an intended way to enable a feature. But it does require "hard modification." I have not counted them but I guess there are over 1000 runway entries in our sector file. Thanks, Darrell
  5. Just FYI. The comment at the end of the [AIRPORT] entry, "; Ben Gurion" although handy is not required. Its just a comment hence the preceding semicolon. What is required is "LLBG Ben_Gurion" in each respective [RUNWAY] entry in order for LLBG Ben_Gurion to appear in the airport field of the Active airport/runway selector. This is a bug and has been reported. The .sct file format does not define any such data field in the [RUNWAY] section. Darrell
  6. Gergely, I could not find a way to report this using Mantis so I am posting this here. Symptom: Active airport/runway selector dialogue does not contain any data in the airport field. Problem: The mechanism that retrieves this data appears to rely on a non-standard sector file. Description: To troubleshoot the problem, I took our current sector file and removed all airports and runways except for one. The following results in the symptom: [AIRPORT] KJAX 118.300 N030.29.38.600 W081.41.16.300 C ; JACKSONVILLE INTL(AIRPORT) [RUNWAY] ; KJAX - JACKSONVILLE INTL(AIRPORT
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