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  1. Thanks for the great spirit and advice. Shoulda' thought of that stuff on my own. DA Attack, I imagine...
  2. Do any of the smarter kids in cl[Mod - Happy Thoughts] know if there is a way to plug in Victor and Jet routes in FS9 Flight Planner??? Naturally, many FAA preferred routes contain a combination of waypoints, jet routes, vor's, and Victor routes. Sure would like to get an answer to this. Ive got the PMDG 737NG on order and the FMS may solve this problem, but there are many other planes that do not have that wonderful gadget. Thanks, boys and girls.
  3. Can't believe all the great help. If I had employees with as good an attitude as you guys have I wouldn't feel so bad about paying them such outrageously high wages. And to think you've done all this work as volunteers and enthusiasts. AMazing!!!Will look forward to flying with all of you. Again, my deepest regards. Joe
  4. I have read a great deal from the PRC so as not to ask stupid questions, but when I go to the ramp of a site that has controller interaction, I am afraid to ask him if he can hear my microphone. I can hear the back and forth of the other pilots and Center, but I just don't know how to see if they can hear me should I decide to fly a plan. I just don't want to upset the controllers or other pilots. Please help. Thanks much Athens, OH
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