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  1. Hi All,


    It appears that I am not the only one to not only fail to get this working , but to encounter the myriad installation problems with alternative strategies as well.


    Normally, I run XP 11 on a brand new iMac and it works perfectly for everything except voice. I followed the labyrinth instructions and recommendation and ended up installing SWIFT. The I had numerous attempts at completing the Model set/copy models instructions, all to no avail. Ended up uninstalling it.


    As a last ditch effort, I set up XP 11 on a Windows 10 machine and followed the intructions fo the recommended xSquawkbox and AFV standalone client. It won't work.


    This is what happens:

    The xSquawkbox plugin installs ok and the setup appears to work and my recorded audio is good.

    The AFV standalone client installs and opens up and asks for a VATSIM connection, which I achieved by starting xPlane and clicking connect in xSquawbox. Then I get messages in a microscopic font that I can't read. They are in many colours and some are repeated over and over to make a lovely pattern on the screen.

    There is no audio.

    I moved my plane to Montreal where there was a controller, but (if I am reading the tiny number ok) on a frequency that cannot be dialled in on my radio. It is (I think 128.770, which my radio steps over.

    I changed my screen resolution to 1280 x 768 to read the messages and "who is online" and it worked I can now see that I am being abused for being on a runway. Sadly, everything else on my screen is like VGA and I cannot drive the plane, so I disconnected.


    So what do I want?


    I'd like to confirm that an Xplane11/Swift/AFV Standalone client should work in MACOS 10.15.2

    I'd like to find a way of understanding the "model Sets" and c"Copy Models" processes so that I can find out why they don't work

    I'd like to find a friendly controller willing to meet for a sched on Teamspeak and report what they hear from me, if anything. I am happy to test in both MACOS and Windows 10 for completeness.

    I would love to hear of a much better, and less complicated way of getting audio back as I miss my FSInn buddies so much.





  2. Thanks for that. I will take your advice and await the next generation of iMacs, as they may offer better value than the current ones.


    My upgrade project is moving slowly forward. I do however have some new issues to solve, since playing with the demo version of XP 11:




    I attempted a scenery conversion process using some of my extensive Australian scenery and the process resulted in a huge window of hieroglyphics and when I tried to fly again XP11 just crashed to the desktop. what did I do wrong?


    I am trying to replicate what I've been doing in FSX, which is to manually enter a VFR flight plan into Plan G, export it to FSX, which lets me load it into the GPS and then I go flying, with the GPS showing the way and Plan G showing my track. I've tried exporting the plan to .FMS but my version of XP11 appears to have nothing to do with this format, and only accepts .fpl, .fdr and .rep. How does one make files in these formats?





  3. Hi Flyers,




    I am about to upgrade my old iMac to a new one, and so I am addressing the possibility of moving to X Plane 11, and running it in OSX. Has anyone done this and are they willing to share their experience and opinions?




    I am currently an FSX user, and I have a windows PC for that alone. I am very keen to get rid of both, but I have some specific requirements that may preclude this, or at least set a direction.




    Firstly, I am a VFR Piper Warrior II flyer in Victoria, Australia, and I use FSX with Plan G and Active sky Next to plan and rehe[Mod - Happy Thoughts] my flights. I also like to rehe[Mod - Happy Thoughts] ATC calls when possible, but this is rare these days. So I need Australian scenery, including small airfields, mapping, flight planning and the ability of controlling the weather. Integration with my iPad EFB would be nice too.


    I recognise that some of this may require me to run Windows on the iMac, and I would be willing to do this, but I'd prefer not to.


    I have looked at the difference between the X Plane 11 recommended system requirements, and those of my chosen 27 inch iMac, and I find that the only difference is in the graphics card, and I don't know how much impact this may have on my X Plane experience. I have tried the demo in Windows and I found it sensational when compared with FSX, so it may be ok. Everything else I do with a computer is perfectly handled by the iMac.


    This is an exciting journey and not something I've needed to start since the introduction of FSX all of those years ago.







  4. Hi All,



    I'm using FSX for practicing my real world flying in Warriors, and I am having trouble finding a Warrior that doesn't go round in circles if you let it. I've tried a few different models but I would love to hear from someone who has found one that either goes straight under cruise throttle, or has usable rudder trim.





  5. Thanks guys,



    I think that you've indicated to me that:


    • * It will go well on my dual core iMac, providing I've got sufficient RAM
      * it will allow me to use my Saitek controls
      * it will not use my existing payware scenery
      * It will not use any add on planes I have



    Now all I need to know is how to obtain the facilities provided by FSInn & Copilot. ie connection to VATSIM for ATC, weather and tracking other planes around me, not to mention lodging a flight plan, radar and the VVL radio tuning. Isn't it amazing how much we take for granted, until we have to write a list?



  6. Hi folks,


    I am a regular VFR flyer with the VATPAC Group in Australia, so I use FSX, FSInn, FSCopilot and Saitek yoke, pedals and throttle cluster. In addition, I have the excellent Orbx, OSX and Ants scenery for Australia.


    If I were to consider a switch to XPlane, right now in 2011, what would I experience regarding the multiplayer experience, the scenery and the hardware?


    I expect that it won't be a one step process, but would it all work as it does in FSX?



    Why ask such a question? I run exclusively iMac computers for everything we do, except FSX and its [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ociated bits and pieces. I switch to Xp for my flying and it is often the most annoying period of my week, as it crashes, runs slowly and fails to load things. So switching to Xplane in OSX could be an attractive option.



    I will be interested in the answers I get.



  7. My Spot view is very jerky, jumping back and forth all of the time, regardless of my video and scenery settings. The good old locked spot doesn't do it but I actually like the non locked spot view.



    Does anyone know what controls this jerkiness?




  8. The command for raising my seat so that I can see over the panel and look at the ground in front of me does not work. This is partly because I run FS X in Windows XP on my iMac, but there must be a workaround for this?


    Any suggestions?




  9. I too, believed that we don't use Teamspeak, as I couldn't find any reference to it on the VATSIM Site. However, I found a post in one of the forums referring to the instruction to email our login details to Teamspeak in the UK, for a logon to the VATSIM server.


    Which is right?


    I'd like to use teamspeak for voice if I can, as I do that with all the other flying communities, plus, there is a lot of traffic on the ATC, which makes inter-pilot chat a bit tedious.


    I've emailed the UK, although I also read that they can be very slow to respond.


    Meanwhile I will be text chat only.


    This will come up at VATSIM Oceania this weekend, too.





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