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  1. Its here again. On March 7,2010 between 1500UTC and 2100UTC it will be unlike anything seen or experienced before, the Piarco FIR with all 9 APP facilities online and supporting TWRs and GNDs. The Piarco FIR is unique in the sense that we simulate either radar and procedural control in the respective TMAs. Come out,fly and enjoy ATC in the Eastern Caribbean. All charts can be obtained from http://piarco.vatcar.org/newhome/ as well as information neccessary for making your flight as realistic as possible. Any questions or [Mod - Happy Thoughts]istance needed, send emails to [email protected]
  2. Each year between November and April, the Europeans and North Americans run from the coldness of their countries to come to the heat of the Caribbean. The Piarco FIR presents "The Winter Run" featuring Grantley Adams International Airport (TBPB). Join us on December 19-20 2009 from 1000Z-0400Z as we simulate real world operations at Grantley Adams. Bookings are now available at http://piarco.vatcar.org/events/events.php Come out and experience a fully staffed Adams at its best. Reserve your spot now!!! Pilots are encouraged to check http://flightaware.com/live/airport/TBPB for re
  3. TBPO is a helipad.. just so you know..and i don't think its illustrated on flightsim
  4. I keep getting theis error when i try to set up my voice atis: Voice ATIS connection error: Unauthorised client software Plz help
  5. Bajan Vatsim Posse is taking to the skies again this weekend. The group will be doing possibly 3 flights and would again need the great ATC service that we had last week. Scheduled Routes: TTPP-TBPB TBPB-TAPA TAPA-MKJP We are encouraging all caribbean pilots to come out and join us for the event. You are free to join in at any leg. This is part of Bajan Vatsim Posse's goal to make the Caribbean more visible on the VATSIM network. The last event was successful, so let's do it again. For more info on the event check the link:
  6. Thanks Steve, your guys came out and we had a blast from TBPB to TJSJ. The Caribbean needs to be staffed more often, and the group plans to do group flights regularly from now on. That was just the beginning. Next week is another chance to help the Caribbean be rocognise more on VATSIM. Look for us Rico Founder of Bajan VATSIM Posse
  7. This facebook group of pilots are flying out of Grantley Adams Airport TBPB on Sunday August 10, 2008 from 12:50pm EST/1650Z We are inviting all pilots from the Caribbean to join us as we go from Adams (TBPB) to San Juan (TJSJ). We would also like Caribbean Air traffic controllers to come out and staff up the two airports so that our event can be a success. Hope to see you guys there. Lets start to make the Caribbean a recognised place on VATSIM with this event. Rico Founder of Bajan Vatsim Posse
  8. Is there going to b a virtual airline for this or not?
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