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  1. Now I understand what Flo Harms meant with "Klickibunti". Amazing but how long you needed for designing your tag or the complete asr?
  2. Hello Henry this is a nice idea, in our FIR/vACC we think about making virtual Fixes around the Airport so the VFR got theses fixes as there ES route and fly automaticly But an extra funktion would be the best. Robin
  3. Hello, I have the problem that when my first EuroScope instance is used with professional radar (as APP) and my second EuroScope instance is a professional mit s-ground (for airport view). But now i got in my groundview wrong squawks, they have all the time the squawks which they had when they logged in. Is the problem of mine or is there any solution? Robin
  4. ah sry yes using Vista. Other Plugins work fine only the PAR makes these problems.
  5. http://phelias.de/ESPI_1.JPG http://phelias.de/ESPI_2.JPG http://phelias.de/ESPI_3.JPG Theses are the steps I did.
  6. When I clicked on New Precision Approach View, you got a blank screen end when you do a simple click anywhere (for changing the ASR) I got a report from Windoof like ES doesnt work anymore it will be closed now. Robin
  7. Hello, when loading the PAR Plugin and opening the PAR Scope EuroScope crashes. Is this known and/or will be fixed? Robin
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