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  1. I see posts like these at least once a year now. If you were to do a search, you'd see that there are several already to choose from. accomeap (mentioned here already) vattastic vataware (though doesn't show ATC online) ServInfo (desktop) VatSpy (desktop) I've even made a few in the past. It's not hard, it's rather trivial once you have the data.txt. But like others have said, the FIR boundaries are troublesome. But yeah, I would like VATSIM to have an "Official" one but the community has stepped up with several different offerings over the years. No need to recreate the wheel
  2. Why C++? If you want cross-platform sure. But if you want just a windows client to VATSIM, why choose C++ when there are more productive languages like C# available? And what's wrong with VRC / EuroScope? Have you tried contacting the developer to ask for improvements?
  3. I just wanted to stop by and wish my fellow pilots and controllers a happy holidays! I was looking at my statistics while telling a friend of mine about VATSIM the other day only to notice the vast majority of my flights were around the holidays, year after year. So as someone who has made a tradition of flying during downtime every year for the last 15 years. Let me say thank you to everyone who keeps VATSIM alive and to everyone who encourages and teaches the next generation of sim-pilots all that VATSIM has to offer. Let's keep this place THE place to go for training and realism w
  4. Bah, seems I can't get the managed SimConnect library successfully loaded as well. I'll keep hacking at it.
  5. Hey guys, I was working on a SimConnect program the other day for P3dv2 when reading through the SimConnect docs with a fine tooth comb something struck(t) me. Those that build native C++ addons will have known about this for years yet never found a way for us C# programmers to have our cake and eat it too. C# addons were always separate programs because of this. DLLStart and DLLStop exports. C++ guys write addons that start and stop as FSX/P3D/FSX:SE loads them from dll.xml in your appdata dirs. PMDG's amazing 737's load dll's this way, FSUIPC loads this way. Yet C# dll's can't
  6. Software engineer and SimConnect junkie here to [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ist in speeding this thing up... PM me.
  7. ok no problem, i'll test it tonight when I get home.
  8. So I'm flying with vPilot... I get a message from a controller to contact me, awesome! First time getting to use voice on vPilot. So I tune him up and hit my PTT and state my position and altitude. I hear a very soft voice come back, barely audible. I have voice set to 50% in vPilot so I decide, let's turn him up! So I move the volume slider to 100% and ask to repeat last. Again, soft voice, barely audible. I state I'm barely able to hear him and to relay via text. I go into windows mixer and turn down the volume of the sim and turn up the volume of vPilot. The next instructions fr
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