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  1. Thanks Ethan, But the question is if ATO may force to change from VACC to pilot training. Thanks.
  2. VATSUR ATO do it 😉 Is what they answered to me (Juan Ferreira 967943 )
  3. Hi. I have already seen that the new driver ranking system has become active. Pilots with P5 has been degraded to P2. It was commented that if the P5 do it with multi-engine, it could be in P3 depending on the ATO. I have consulted with VATSUR, the ATO where I had taken everything out and they comment that they will not go to P3 even if the P5 has been made with multi-engine. I am also in the VACC of Spain, and the VATSUR ATO tells me that I should change the VACC to be able to access training again. My question is whether an ATO can force a VACC change ??? What can I do if I
  4. Hi, As you know, on March 10, 2019, we learned about the new standard and Civilian VA Partners are required to conduct a minimum of one online event each calendar quarter SOA organizations are required to conduct a minimum of one online exercise annually What opinion do you have about it? Personally, It does not seem to me at all correct to oblige to hold 1 event every quarter of the year. If I see enough reason to oblige to do 1 a year as the norm, but not 4 a year. My VA, has been certified very recently in VATSIM, an
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