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  1. Running some specials this weekend at ZMA. We have 2 back to back OTS's on Tower today, August 21! First up on the chopping block is Gary Price at 4pm Local (2000z). Then before the sweat dries on the headset Guillermo Striddles steps up to the scope at 7pm Local (2300z). Good luck gents and let's have some fun pushing tin!! If you are able to provide some traffic come on down to the warmth of the So. Florida beaches! All aircraft welcome and all types of flights welcome from your standard IFR to the crazy VFR cruising South Beach looking at the scenery Featured airport is KMIA an
  2. As of 9/25/08 a few of our airports are adding/changing procedures! KMIA: STARs - DEEDS1 (RNAV)*** DELETED *** - SSCOT1 (RNAV) ** NEW ** - CYY5 * CHANGED * KFLL: STARs - SWAGS1 * CHANGED * (Look closely, added crossing restrictions) - JINGL1 (RNAV) ** NEW ** KRSW: STARs - JOSFF3 * CHANGED * - SHFTY1 (RNAV) ** NEW **
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