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  1. Sorry, I couldn't post this in the VATUSA Forums because I, like many others, am locked out due to the VATSIM data server outage. Many things have been affected by this. Promotions, Region/Division transfers, site access and registration, written tests, etc... Updates on the progress have been being posted in the NOTAMS and General Discussion boards of this forum. As the USA site failure is due to the VATSIM outage, as soon as VATSIM servers are back in business, so will we. Please be patient and understand that the problem is being worked on and when back up, we will work hard to get
  2. Simply type CTRL+F, select "Positions & Aliases" tab, and import your alias file. Note: Each time you import a facility file you will need to do this.
  3. Awesome work Ross! Two feathers in your cap for this one. Doing the .find command, I found a fix in our airspace that is out of position. How can I fix that? The fix in question is one that is on a instrument approach procedure and is used by alias files to give location of the aircraft.
  4. No reason at all to panic on VATSIM(except maybe running out of ice or your favorite beverage). Just tell the controller to the best of your ability where you are if asked. Then do your best to follow ATC instructions. People generally do not get suspended unless they are being disruptive to the network. More often than not a person as new as you will be offered help... Anyways, welcome to VATSIM! I hope your third flight goes better. Bob Carmona VATSIM Supervisor
  5. Had an approach student tell an aircraft to "Turn right and proceed direct to the Lesbian VOR". How he got that from LBV/La Belle, I have no idea.
  6. I was invited to control for this event the night prior to it.... I had a blast!!! I had never used non-radar procedures before and found it to be one of the most challenging sessions of controlling traffic I have ever had. I hope to invited again in the future! Bob Carmona Deputy Air Traffic Manager Cleveland ARTCC
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