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  1. [Mod removed] Anyway - On to a more productive topic... @marcus holmes - Great work!!
  2. Aidan Stevens, Vice President - Technical Development and Zach Biesse-Fitton, Vice President - Web Services have announced their intentions to retire from VATSIM’s Board of Governors. While we are sad to see them leave the Board of Governors, we are excited that both intend to pursue other roles within VATSIM and deliver the changes we have been working so hard to bring to production. Zach’s retirement from the Board of Governors corresponds to his desire to return to his home division in a senior leadership role as interim division director for VATPAC. Zach also wishes to allow a ne
  3. Hi Richard! I've replied to every one of the emails that I have been sent.. and believe me, there were a few! Stay tuned for a more formal announcement from VATSIM over the coming days regarding some large-scale infrastructure changes that are in progress. Cheers!
  4. Hello, All you need to do is upgrade to the new version of xSquawkbox
  5. Bookings were gone within ~2 minutes for each airport
  6. This should be much better after our maintenance period that begins tomorrow: https://network-status.vatsim.net/incidents/9058
  7. I am happy to compare CV's as well as project-level experience of the current members of our technical team (Including current GOV's) should you wish Many of us could be making a whole lot than we current are if we didn't spend our time writing code or administering systems for VATSIM for a salary of $0
  8. This is not true I just a few minutes ago responded to a user who sent us his Data log showing him Exactly where the problem is. I am posting what we have mentioned on Social Media below. If you feel that you are Legitimately being disconnected when frames are not below 20 - Follow the below steps.
  9. The VATSIM Tech Team has opened a new Helpdesk to report Network issues. Should you experience a service disruption and you believe that it may be a widespread issue, you can now report it via email to: network-report [at] vatsim.net But please gather some info: reports should include what exactly happened, the server you were connected to, at what time (and timezone) it happened, what client you were using and possibly if others experienced the same problems. Due to the volume of requests - We may not be able to respond to each individual email. However, trends will be tracked and
  10. Just posting to wrap the thread up - Emails just went out with details on how to access the beta clients & software itself - Route emails will go out sometime between now and the start of the event
  11. Hi Joaquin, There was no network failure - However, we did see a number of connections drop due to a Routing issue with one of the major Bandwidth providers many providers use. Unfortunately this is/was completely outside of our control and nothing could have been done to prevent it.
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