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  1. Do the voice servers have enough capacity for pilots to use local CTAF frequencies now instead of the omnibus 122.800? In most cases in Alaska, CTAF is 122.900. I’m not sure if that would even work now the way vatsim voice works. I thought I’d read a while back that eventually Vatsim would move to allowing realistic frequency usage.
  2. I tried to install Swift and found it a jumbled mess and nearly impossible to complete the installation so I gave up and went back to XSquawkbox and vPilot
  3. There don’t seem to be any dedicated help VAs any more. Hey Tomas. If I recall correctly, we also flew helos together for vUSCG. Hovercontrol is gone too. Sad. HoverSafe has been gone a long time. Helisimmer seems focused on X-Plane more than anything else. Everything there seemed rather sp[Mod - Happy Thoughts] in terms of content when I visited.
  4. I am trying to find some of my fellow helicopter pilots from Metro Helo from about 10 years ago. I would like to fly again as Metro and am trying to track down some of the old gang to see if they would like to fly as a group some time.
  5. As stated on the Anchorage ARTCC forums, I will be there to control either at Juneau or Anchorage
  6. Brian Smith


    My flight from UUEE to Paris. It rejected most of the waypoints. These are from the latest airac, but are older waypoints. AR25D BG R805 TU R11 RATIN UN858 BOKSU N858 GRU UN858 DRE UM994 PENEK UL980 GALKU Q201 POVEL UL986 DLE UZ717 ABAMI UZ907 KENUM UM170 DINAN DINA4E Is that the data you needed?
  7. Brian Smith


    It appears to be a brilliant piece of work, no doubt. Thank you for the information. Any clues as to why it would reject Russian waypoints and NDBs? Russia is not a signatory to the ICAO agreement I believe. Could that be an issue? Brian
  8. uh oh...did I spell it wrong? I am just sounding things out phonetically now for my spelling. I don't know how to spell Как дела. Not sure if that translates or not. It should be an informal "How are you?" Brian
  9. Brian Smith


    I [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ume I am doing something wrong, but I have not been able to get vROUTE to accept routes out of Russia. I even tried to add the route, but when it verified the route (it's based on AIRAC 0709), it denied almost every single waypoint. Which makes no sense if I am trying to get in a new route. Where do the WPs come from for vRoute?
  10. Nice. Thank you. I did a search but could find nothing. So I am glad we had someone would could come along and help us. I need to spend a lot of time and try to learn some basic Russian.
  11. Well, today I was able to get into AVSIM.ru for some reason. Anyway, if you register it will get rid of the speed limit. And the link you gave me is for some Swiss scenery It doesn't link to UHHP I searched avsim.ru for ЫЕЛИЗОВО(YELIZOVO/UHPP) and didn't find anything.
  12. I dunno...I have tried several times to download things from AVSIM.ru and I have gone through the registration 3 times. But I never seem to have luck. It has never sucessfully completed or it just won't log me in once it has completed. I gave up on AVSIM.RU as a resource. There are other russian sites to use.
  13. Or just try learning Cyrillic....it's fairly easy, and most of the charts are easy to interpret if you take the time. I'm not trying to be condescending, but hoping you will give it a try. Check your local library and pick up a book on Russian. It's fun. I have only picked up a few words here and there, but the cockpit Cyrillic is all pretty easy to translate.... For example, in the TU-154 and most planes, you will see Ð
  14. Yes. I did see it was some time ago, but wanting to fly there, I was trying to use the scenery and chart links. Since vatrus is down, I felt it was my best choice. Also I was hoping someone had the files
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