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  1. download a program called nhancer. You can edit the profile setting for FSX within it as the default Nvidia stuff does not seem to do this. It worked for me. heres the link to it. http://www.nhancer.com/ all you do is edit the profile for FSX in the scroll list within the program.
  2. The original Microsoft Sidewinder (non force feedback it a beauty!) no complaints using it for the last 7 or 8 years!!!!!
  3. The event has been finalised for Sunday the 16th September between 12:00-18:00Z Please go to http://www.emirates-vacc.org/Triangle.htm for more info Prizes include PSS 777 with Emirates Livery CLS A340-500/600 Simmarket Fly Tampa Dubai or something to the value of it
  4. The final preparations for the event will be made this week and the official proceedures will be posted by this coming thursday: basically pilots will have to use the same callsign there are three airports involved: Dubai Bahrain Shiraz (Iran) Pilots can fly between all airports in the event time (12:00z-18:00z) Pilots MUST make one takeoff and Landing at each Airport. Pilots get 5 points for takeoff, 5 points for landing and 10 points for making a complete flight. (So a total of 20 points are available for each flight) The reason for not using a different callsign
  5. One more update I have secured a copy of the A340-500/600 from Commercial level simulations today so that makes THREE yes 3 prizes for the top three pilots.
  6. Update. Phoenix Simulations have kindly agreed to sponser the event and a copy of the 777 FS2004 and an Emirates livery will go to the winner
  7. Hello All Emirates Vacc will he host an event on Sunday 16th September. We would like to ask, Mumbai, Tehran and Bahrain controllers to participate also as i have called the event 'Middle East Madness' Basically the concept is for pilots to fly between Bahrain, Dubai, Bombay and Tehran as many times as they like in the alocated event time. here is the twist, The more time pilots use their callsign the more chances they will have to win. (Like a lottery really) More flights= better chance to win. All callsiigns will be put into a 'hat' and the winner will be chose at random. I have
  8. After the recent Iron Mic awards Emirates VACC appeared in the TWR and CTR listings again. CTR 20 OMAE Emirates 24:29:39 14.6% TWR 15 OMDB Dubai Intl 30:12:31 18.0% I would like to congratulate all my fellow controllers for keeping our hours consistant. On behalf of myslef, John, Mohammed and Ebrahim a big thankyou to all the pilots who are flying regularly in our airspace it is great to see you coming back time and time again. Well done everyone lets keep it going. Steven Bryce Marketing CO-Ordinator
  9. Well there are more fixes in the earlier AIRAC cycles than in the new ones
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