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  1. Step back for a minute and think how the real world systems keep trying to improve the interface so that the operator spends less mental capacity on using the tool and more on accomplishing the result. Compare that to some of this discussion which is advocating forcing things to be more complex so that we spend less time separating airplanes and more time trying to remember the syntax of the commands. I think this is the very definition of the term Luddite. Ross - thanks for VRC. It has its place and has been a launch pad for many virtual controlling careers. I'm sure the comm
  2. Denying clearance to an invalid flight plan is exactly what a real controller would do Nope. They work with the real pilots to make it work. I’ve filed a wrong altitude and, instead of yelling at me or trying to embarr[Mod - Happy Thoughts] me or even just flat ignoring me, the kind and professional controller asked if I wanted a thousand above or a thousand below. I’ve also spent hours trying to flightplan a way for my Piper to traverse the Boston-Washington corridor only to have the first controller I spoke to give me a brand new routing with only the origin and the destination being
  3. New video idea: How to deal with irascible controllers! Seriously, you cannot deny a flight. http://www.vatsim.net/coc/ and read paragraphs A1 and A10.
  4. Nice and intuitive video. Now make one for pilots who deal with incompetent controllers. The only option we have i'm afraid is to vote with our disconnect buttons Not true! You could provide feedback to the facility. Or you can tactfully provide feedback directly to the controller. 20+ years later, I still distinctly remember being coached by pilots when I gave 90° localizer intercepts, squawk codes with 8s and 9s in them (before auto [Mod - Happy Thoughts]igned codes), and vectored someone into a mountain when I tried controlling away from my home area in the Great Plains.
  5. No one seems to have mentioned the official reason "expect..." is issued in the FAA world. Even the NASA article linked by Duncan in the original only makes a tangential reference to it. A controller gives EXPECT instructions for when communications are lost (perhaps... a disgruntled employee starts a fire in the ATC facility.) When you depart, lose your radios at wheels up, and immediately fly into IMC... you can now continue all the way to KXYZ at 5000 for 10 minutes, then climb FL350. If ATC had omitted the "expect FL350" then you would be stuck at 5,000, [Mod - Happy Thoughts]u
  6. Jon, I'm guilty from time to time and I do apologize. By the book, I am not allowed to vector aircraft to final in the USA when I am working an en route center sector and covering 100,000 square miles. The FAA has some requirements regarding display ranges and I often am not meeting them. That said, I often find pilots are unclear of what to do when I give a full approach clearance from an IAF. So, I give the option - "would you like the full approach or vectors to final"? If you take vectors, my vectors can be sloppy. I do err on the side of a long final rather than being
  7. I've been using the same Plantronics C210-M since ~2009. Plantronics replaced it with a C310-M now but I imagine it's just as good. Only reason I've ever had to replace a Plantronics anything is because I've lost it. It's worth the extra couple of bucks in my mind.
  8. If you feel you have been removed from the network improperly, please file a complaint at https://www.vatsim.net/pilot-resource-centre/vatsim-basics/introduction-vatsims-conflict-resolution-process Your issue will be addressed. Maybe a supervisor needs some retraining. Help him/her get that retraining by following the process in addition to bringing it for open discussion here. Except when a pilot is an imminent threat to other's enjoyment (e.g. logging in while occupying active runway during an event, intercepting other aircraft without prior permission, or causing mayhem on the rad
  9. Second! This has come up before though... viewtopic.php?f=132&t=68102
  10. It won't be in the CoC, but you might find something at the Pilot Resource Centre / Center. www.vatsim.net/pilot-resource-centre In the USA at least, I just operate as if ATC had cleared me exactly as I requested. I don't just monitor unicom, I self announce my intentions on unicom. I applaud you for reading up and asking the question. It seems like your head is in the right place, so go fly and have fun! Some "VATSIMism" things you will learn along the way.
  11. A shame. Thank you for trying though. If your successor continues to offer it, it only takes one or two takers to start building momentum. Did your offering include pre-built options for pilot feedback and event sign ups? Historically I've seen plenty of facilities struggle with these two things. As a pilot, it'd be awesome to know if I went to, for instance, [facilityname].vatusa.org/feedback/ that I'd always end up at a working feedback form rather than having to hunt the web for the right place and then only to find a 404 error.
  12. Concerted, VATSIM-led technology efforts. We have dedicated volunteers developing various bits and pieces for VATSIM here and there, but I don't see a comprehensive strategy "owned" by VATSIM. My gut tells me that we spend much time & energy duplicating efforts where a more centralized approach would make sense. For example, does each local ATC facility really need their own unique website? My ARTCC has had probably a dozen different web domains over the last 20 years. All the while the core mission of the website hasn't changed. A centrally held website (a subdomain of the reg
  13. Sim pilots use $3.99 stand microphones placed on the other side of their desk and try to transmit while eating doritos and chugging beer. They calibrate their mics once when they install Vpilot/VRC/Whatever and rarely if ever do so again. Real pilots use a $100+ purpose built aviation headset with a muffed mic placed milimeters from their lips. They calibrate their mics every flight because they can hear themselves on the intercom or on the side tone when transmitting. Since the beginning of voice controlling on the network, the only readability issues I've experienced have been hard
  14. Some context would help here. Do you mean when running programs on Windows, like running VPilot as admin for example?
  15. http://accomeap-project.com/ Does Accomeap address this situation? Or have the ability to do so in the future?
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