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  1. Such window appears when I launge xpilot. : no supprted flight simulators detected. Please encure you have FSX or Prepar3D installed correctly
  2. Yes? I have SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\App Paths\FlightSimulator.exe\InstallLocation SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\App Paths\FlightSimulator.exe\Path; but without of FLIGHTSIMULATOR.EXE\InstallLocation and without of FLIGHTSIMULATOR.EXE \PATH
  3. Hi Ross, I have no this part in my register: FlightSimulator.exe\InstallLocation and \FlightSimulator.exe\Path What can I do? Thanks
  4. Sorry for my mistakes. Where can I find those keys registry? Vasiliy
  5. Sorry Ross> but where can I find thode keys regidtry? Thanks Vassiliy
  6. Hi when I start vpilot it don/t see my Microsoft flight simulator
  7. Hi thanks for reply to me. Yesterday I connected via xpilot to vatsim at EKCH. There were some traffic online in vatsim and some static traffic on stands. And i saw all online traffic (which were connected to vatsim) were parked on stands which were already occupied static traffic!? I think it should not be! Vassiliy
  8. Hi. when I connect to vatsim default traffic not removed from their stands. I remember that default traffic must removed as connected to network before. Thanks. Vasiliy
  9. H,i anybody had problems with Euroscope v.3.2? Whae I start ES it shutdown in some minutes (2-4) having next text "Euroscope radar client does not work". I have ES many years but didnt have any problems before! V[Mod - Happy Thoughts]iliy
  10. I use both Google chrome and IE, cant understand what happened
  11. Hi, I cant open the main vatsim-uk.co.uk page for several days . I tried to open it from other computer but the same result. Help me if possible please. thanks. V[Mod - Happy Thoughts]iliy Remizov
  12. Hi Gareth, I obsolutely agree with you!! V[Mod - Happy Thoughts]iliy.
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