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  1. No error message, just that remote is trying to connect with host followed by connection failed
  2. Hello. I downloaded vPilot using it as host with voice & remote mode and it was working but it just stopped communicating. Although everything seemed all right (host IP & port) remote fails to connect to host. Any clues? Tks
  3. Just figured it out. Its working!
  4. Hello. Just installed vPilot in remote mode so after running it for the first time it ask for Host Address. Sorry if it may be a dumb question (I never before had something like that - host address...). By default Host Port is 8809 My internet comes from a router so while running myIP it shows an address that doesn't seem to make remote & host communicate How can I get my host address? Do I keep this 8809 port? Tks Eduardo P[Mod - Happy Thoughts]os
  5. Tks, Norman. It was really just this, battery off.
  6. Been using vPilot a long time and no problem at all until... Today I was in gate 236 at RKSI. Connected in Vatsim, no ATC, freq 122.800. Trying to send message by text I received a red warning: Not transmitting on any frequency! Any clues/help?
  7. I was away recovering from surgery so didn't have time to read this post. Will do it. Tks
  8. Sorry about delayed answer. Was away after suffering surgery. Like I wrote above: Win 10 Pro 64bit + GeForce GTX1070 + 3 SSD 1TB Samsung Iobit Malware Fighter + AvancedSystemCare + Windows Defender. Description: Have vATIS installed by default and there is a shortcut in desktop. When clicking on it, while trying to run it simply closes. Tks
  9. Sorry. Win 10 64-bit Pro. MB Asus Rampage. GTX1070. Iobit Malware/Anti-virus There is no logfile in vATIS directory
  10. Tks for answering. Uninstalled and installed it again, a shortcut is created in desktop. From desktop vATIS opens a vATIS.exe but trying to run it nothing happens as if there is no program at all.
  11. Installed vATIS by default (.../AppData/Roaming/vATIS) and everything seemed ok, even shortcut to desktop. While trying to run it for 1st time it doesn't run and closes window. Need help here. Tks
  12. There was no problem with aircraft mic and volume. Tks anyway
  13. Yes, I'm. I followed link and then I resolved it through PMDG's CDU option: P3D COMMS DISABLED -> set to NEVER. Tks
  14. Hello. I have P3Dv4.3 and updated vPilot to v.2.1.17. COM1:136.975 despite that I set 122.800. Any clues? Tks
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