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  1. This ICAO format is absolutely awful for any VRC, vERAM, or vSTARS users.
  2. Camden, good point about issuing tops if they're known. From what I've seen at ZAB, they're not often known or issued, because during monsoon season in the Southwest, they're generally very tall, i.e. FL400 and up. Josh, essentially you'd include the adjective "scattered", i.e. "N123, an area of scattered moderate precipitation 12 o'clock and 33 miles, lasting 88 miles along your route of flight, advise if you need to deviate, I'd recommend deviating north." I am only [Mod - Happy Thoughts]uming the color coding for intensity using the Skyvector weather radar. I imagine green is light,
  3. Effectively how deep the cell would be if the aircraft were to fly directly though it. And thanks! It's actually made a generally dead frequency on VATSIM a lot more dynamic and interesting.
  4. Hey y'all, after starting at actual ZAB as a developmental controller/trainee piece of scome, I've noticed how much weather plays a factor in affecting the complexity of controlling air traffic. Keep in mind, only IFR aircraft require a weather deviation control instruction. VFR aircraft still should be issued weather advisories, however. It's also important to refer to displayed precipitation as "an area of (insert intensity here) precipitation", not as "weather". Here's a pretty good way to use the resources available to us hobbyists to call weather, almost like traffic, to aircraft that
  5. What a client, Ross! It's a lot of fun. Glad we could help test it out. We have some really intelligent people here.
  6. Two departures enjoyed the intense IGRI1A and DARK1A departures out of Kathmandu airport today. Come join us next time you see it staffed! http://puu.sh/eOPSj/d3f6d4e467.png ZY
  7. Hi pilots and VATWA controllers alike, I have started staffing VNSM_CTR Kathmandu Center late at night in my timezone for fun... during daytime in Nepal local time. Please join me in enjoying the ridiculous nature of the airspace. Try out the valley approach into Lukla, or one of the fun SIDs out of Kathmandu. Let's learn about this fun aviation playground we call Nepal together! Cheers ZY
  8. Close race for APP indeed!! Yowza!! Let's keep having fun everyone. Cheers ZY
  9. If the chart says "Maintain 10,000. Expect filed altitude 10 minutes after departure", use "Climb via SID." It comes down to "Does the chart tell the pilot what to do?" If a pilot was to ask, "What altitude do I maintain?" I'd tell them to read the chart. It's all there. It makes sense. Secretly the FAA has a reason for everything. The purpose of this is to make more instructions published, shortening required transmissions. Cheers ZY
  10. I find using high airways helps me to predict traffic flows around the airspace. Also, HI center sectors generally have Jet routes displayed on their radar scopes. The video map data is necessary for controlling top down on VATSIM. I hate clutter in general.
  11. A couple: Albuquerque Center Kansas City Center Fort Worth Center Where I started in 2006 (VATCAF), Central Africa Control I use the TRACON video map data to better control arrivals and departures for the sake of VATSIM. vDSR is now under development as vERAM and is still under betatesting... it is a great piece of software that will be fun for keen C1 types when released.
  12. Hey Sam, I'm a guest controller for VATME. My email is [email protected] Feel free to send me an e-mail if you need some ATC either at Doha or Dubai. Z
  13. The intrepid awesomeness of this video has my eyes sizzling in the back of my skull.
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