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  1. Contgrats Gabriel! Best wishes to you and the team.
  2. Thank you! Just let me know if you guys need some help in the future.
  3. Yeah, a real time feed will be great, a lot of possibilities
  4. Marcos, acredito que já respondi você via e-mail, caso ainda tenha dúvidas entre em contato comigo. Bons voos!
  5. Hi. It's more a feature request. Would be great to set a different symbol based on aircraft wake turbulence category. It's visually easier to identify the category and compare two aircrafts by the target size than the suffix on it's tag (/M etc). Actually it's not possible I guess. Tks
  6. Any updates / ETA for this feature? Vatbrz can help in beta testing.
  7. Thanks guys, it`s a pleasure to lead this awesome team. There`s a lot of work to do, let`s nail it.
  8. Any news? It's possible to implement another sign/encryption proto for oauth 1.0a? What about oauth 2.0?
  9. Hello musicalaviator. These area are covered oft by APP/DEP and TWR ATCs, even during the week. Check our next events: Super ponte (SBGL -> SBPA): http://bit.ly/1bIDcvq Santos Dumont (exciting) Approach (SBRJ): http://bit.ly/1fNV87f More info at http://www.vatsim.com.br/ Recently, several changes occurred in Brazilian airspace. Check charts at http://ais.decea.gov.br/ Kind regards, Luis.
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