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  1. Really -- if that is really so, that is NOT Good !!! Personally, I NEVER experienced that happen in Real World or experienced it in Vatsim, ( in any USA sector) If you make initial contact (stating your position) with the wrong controller (for whatever reason, both in Vatsim, or the Real World), one would expect as part of "ATC Services to Pilots", that the controller would give you the correct Controller and Frequency to contact.
  2. Interesting observation.. makes me wonder what the Pros/Cons are of running Vpilot on a separate computer on your local network. While this may allow Vpilot to run its audio more easily, what other effects may this have, on both Vpilot's audio, as well as having to make the Simconnect connection between Vpilot & MSFS2020 over a local network connection. Would be interested Ross's comments on this. BTW: I am having no issues with Vpilot - nice clean, well working piece of Software. .aircraft is particularly nice. Lots of Interesting data collected... Mayb
  3. Apart from lowering the number of planes, and the max distance (to reduce planes), is there any way to lower their LOD to an acceptable compromise, between seeing them is glorious detail, and just being able to see that "somerthing" is there ... Seeing something be far better than Nothing, on a lower end setup. (especially when on the ground , trying to taxi Is there a control in the MSFS2020 sim to do this, or is this something that Vpilot could potentially control ? =========== Also, in Vatsim, using Vpilot, if another plane happens to contact my plane (by a
  4. Just to be clear ... If navigraph works in FS2020, then it will be able to update the nav dat that all the Default Planes in the sim have to the updated Database, so if I fly a G1000 equipped default plane, all the nav database info will be correct. HOWEVER, I do not think this LDA issue is cause by a Nav Database issue... I think it is a fault in FS2020's processing of that Data, where for the last few miles, it routes you to an extended runway line, instead of through the last few fixes of the LDA approach. Also interesting is that the RNAV River Visual appr
  5. At least the Vatsim Controller will read out your Complex clearance and a reasonably slow pace, with spaces between fixes etc. If you want to ROFL, try filing a complex IFR flight plan in MSFS2020 (not on Vatsim, but instead using the simulators AI Controllers), and then listen to the Audio Clearance you are given !! (I am still ROFL as I type this, remembering what it sounded like) .. Imagine reading back a whole stream of Fixes, IGNORING any spaces between them -- YES - that what MSFS2020 does !!.
  6. So, is there a way in MSFS2020 to use non-MSFS NavData ? (I believe that was possible back in FSX )... can MSFS2020 accept such data that was originally meant for FSX.? I am wonder just how many Addons from FSX are able to be used in MSFS 2020 (without specific modification specifically for MSFS2020) ie I would love to be able to run the FSX Radar/Control Tower gauge in a separate window in MSFS2020 , (ie Not the whole Tower model-- just the Radar Gauge and it's Control Gauge.
  7. Here is a screenshot of what MSFS 2020 creates as an LDA approach into KDCA No idea what the "way-point" is at "?" (no "fix" there ) -- it probably is just am extended center-line for RWY 19, of a given distance ?? Yes, there are many more important bugs/error in MSFS to address than LDAs, but this is one that I have not seen mentioned before, so this is the one I am going to run with, until it is "fixed" (Forgive the Pun !!) Note: This incorrect approach take you right over the rectangular Prohibited Zone ( The Whitehouse) !!! BTW: Talking about REA
  8. MFSF 2020 - LDA 19 KDCA -- Selection gives incorrect approach It would seem that MSFS 2020 does not now what a LDA approach is. When flying IFR (low Alt routes), the LDA Y 19 @ KDCA is a presented option, but when selected, but it only puts the 1st 2 Fixes into the flight plan. After that, it does a sharp Left turn off the 149 Deg LDA approach course, and swings round south to a straight in approach to runway 19, effectively taking you over P595, which will certainly get you into trouble with the White House !!. While I am confident that any Washington approach
  9. Thanks .. just tried that .. works great.
  10. Hi Ross Vatsim Aircraft tags would be nice... but at the moment I cannot even "SEE" other Vatsim aircraft when in the Sim (MSFS 2020) (even tried see aircraft set out to 100nm, but would not want it that far normally !!) Looked but could not find - what setting do I need to set in MSFS to ONLY show Vatsim Planes (ie No real world and no MSFS generated AI) ? Also, maybe I am missing it but it sure would be nice to be able to click on a "Controller in range" frequency, and have it populate the radio (standby Freq) for option either Com1 or Com2 ( Like a H
  11. Thanks Dan -- you actually did "better" than Real World MKE_APP !!! I was listening them on Sunday , as all those aircarft departed Oshkosh -- "No VFR Flight Following within 70nm of Oshkosh" !!! With all that traffic departing, all at once, I personally would have been quite uncomfortable, departing VFR, with no "EYES IN THE SKY" watching out for me. No wonder so many filed IFR !!! Geoff
  12. CONGRATULATION Vatsim, and all those that Organized, and took party in the Oshkosk 2010 Event on Friday July 30th 2010. Special thanks to all the Controllers, who did an impressive job, learning all the special EAA Procedures for the yearly Oshkosh Event. Flying in, in a small Cessna, it was so refreshing to fly VFR, and to be handled by Vatsim controllers so realistically. Despite a very busy session, Approach was still willing to give me "Flight Following" as I exited the area, towards my desitnation airport, near Ripon, advise me of the arriving aircarft on the Ripon Fisk ar
  13. GREAT NEWS ... After many years of "EXCUSES", it is wonderful to see ZAU finally stepping up, and putting together an OSHKOSH event. Well done .... see you guys over the Gravel Pit !!! Geoff N6722C
  14. What a sad attitude from the Chicago ARTCC (NON) Events Director.
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