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  1. Time for a little clarification... First off, I apologize for hijacking this thread to a degree but there are several issues to be addressed and they are all interconnected. I'll warn you ahead of time, this may get long...so grab a drink and your popcorn... Rahul is correct in stating my position that it is not in the VATUSA Division's best interest to introduce a division-managed Pilot Training Program at this time. I do not believe we are in a position to establish yet another bureaucratic element nor commit the necessary resources to this endeavor. Along with this, I find as was me
  2. Exactly WHAT division standardization are you expecting? Can you show me where it is specified that training in such minutia is required by the GRP? Again and again I hear this cry for ever and ever greater compliance with FAA standards on a HOBBY network. Gents, we're working with a very widely-disparate population here...and please do not quote the VATSIM Mission Statement to me here. Like any such statement, it can be interpreted any number of ways. Your interpretation may not be mine or any anyone else's...and that is as it should be. Many levels of expertise are reflected on this
  3. Daniel, I'll borrow your post here... This is EXACTLY what has occurred. As I said above, I contacted the next senior management level, the ATDs, and then progressed further to the ATM/DATM forum. No one was or is going to be "left in the dark" about this. When I believe the time is appropriate to expand the "gene pool" on this, I will.
  4. Gentlemen, gentlemen....everyone please calm down... This conjecturing without facts makes for a great study in the psychology of blind hysteria. First off, the very title of the thread "ARTCC Consolidation" is absolute BS...so however this concept/idea was "leaked", it is a disservice to our division and the way we do business. Now for the historical FACTS... Yes, on request from a VATSIM Founder, I agreed to consider the possibility of evaluating the concept of establishing a high-center operation whereby multiple ARTCC airspace areas would be combined and controlled by a single
  5. Well, no matter the circomestances, welcome back Lance!!! Good to see you again!
  6. The VATUSA website, forum, and ancillary systems (TRC, Events, etc.) will be OUT OF SERVICE AND OFFLINE effective 10:00PM (MST), MARCH 8, 2011, until approximately 5:00AM (MST), MARCH 9, 2011. This is a necessary outage so the hosting service provider can move the files over to their new data center. We will monitor the progress of this as well as we can and keep you informed of any unexpected delays. Thank you for your patience and understanding...remember, this is a hobby (well, maybe an addiction for some).
  7. William, Welcome to VATUSA...go here: http://www.vatusa.net/join.php Once you follow ALL OF THE INSTRUCTIONS there and successfully complete the Basic Controller Exam, you will be offered your choice of any ARTCC within VATUSA - Denver ARTCC among them. Good luck!
  8. Gentlemen, This incident is under a comprehensive investigation by ARTCC, VATUSA Division and VATSIM staff personnel. No discussion of the incident will be entered into here by the involved staff members until it is deemed appropriate to do so. Regards,
  9. Polliticks...schmolliticks! Sorry Anthony but this isn't our "Father's" FAA. Personally, I'm sad to see it and no doubt will constantly screw the pooch and use "...position and hold..." Is "...old dog, new tricks" (in my case) appro pro here?
  10. Good day all, I think I can be a happy camper once again...NOTE I use the word THINK...so if you would, please p[Mod - Happy Thoughts] along to those members who have been patiently waiting and trying to either join the division or see their promotions take effect, they should re-attempt the joining process and/or log on using their promoted rating. As always, if you are aware of any problems, don't hesitate to post them here or send me an email.... Now back to your regularly scheduled programming.....
  11. Okay guys, we have another SERIOUS BUG in the system. Please p[Mod - Happy Thoughts] along that NEW SIGNUPS may NOT BE ABLE TO LOGON TO THE VATUSA WEBSITE and NEW PROMOTEES MAY NOT SEE THEIR PROMOTIONS COME THROUGH FOR A COUPLE OF DAYS. I have to do all the promotions by hand and have no idea when I'll get the VATUSA database updated. I'll advise here and elsewhere as soon as I figure out just what the hell is broke and get it fixed. Thanks for all your patience all...we'll get this fixed as soon as we can. I'm not a happy camper about all this...
  12. Alex, Per VATUSA Policy, ATMs have 14 days to accept/decline an applicant's request. After that, unless the request is elevated for specific reasons, an auto-accept decision is made by an appropriate VATUSA staff member.
  13. Okay, Got the VATUSA Forum access code working again...I think I got the rest of them but just in case, post any problems here or send an email: vatusa1vatusa.net Cheers!
  14. ATTENTION!!! There is a problem with some people's access to the website. If you are currently logged into the website or forum, DO NOT LOGOUT! Just leave the site/forum, go about your business and when necessary re-access the website/forum. I'm working on the problem now and will try to get it all cleared up shortly. Thanks for your patience...
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