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  1. Lol noted next time , i won't get the axe for you clearing my bravo
  2. Its not much but only got into euroscope a while now BUT if anyone can give me some tips to get it looking better its really appreciated
  3. Thanks but i control down in miami, but i do everything like ZNY but just use Miami sector files it wouldn't work?
  4. Anyone willing to help me set up Euroscope with A US Airport, Only problem i'm having right now is the voice atis its soo confusing can't get it understand
  5. Can someone explain to me the SID/STARS and how to make them show up properly in the FMS, I'm using the maddog 2008 , how to the pmdg and maddog cooperate because it doesn't seem to be working SIDS/STARS in the FMS are out of date like really out of date but its saying the current airac month's correctly so i don't know what going on. This is the point where people use some tutorials for people like me
  6. Me 2 that's first place i checked but most are out of date like mostly the maddog 2006 and the 2008 ones are in Spanish and the 1 that is in English is in virtual cockpit view which is kinda hard, was looking for something easier but guess there aren't any
  7. Can anyone help me with the start up procedure with the Maddog 2008, the tutorial really isn't helping goes through a lot of stuff wanted a short but important version if anyone is willing to help me out. Its the only plane that i cant start , for some reason its just hard for me.
  8. With ServInfo if there is no traffic i mean no traffic Landing/Departing/Cruising/Overflying the artcc will not showed up so if not a single plane in the airspace it will not show ServInfo is bad like that after 30mins maybe a plane popped into the airspace
  9. ok would be nice to get some atc out/in to it but i understand fresh meat causes trouble
  10. i kno that is why i fly like after 2pm my time which is like 5pm and a lot of other airports be on app twr gnd whats not just not heathrow
  11. Just curious how come a busy airport like Heathrow never got atc unless it Control/Center? i've been flying in and out of it for 2weeks now and atc been around the ariport stansted gatwick...... and only atc for heathrow is control/center just think its little odd for a bus airport like that
  12. Well trying to simulate real world looking at a big screen having to zoom in and out is annoying
  13. Well since the other one monitor topic went off course i will like to know your guys set up for Single Monitor display Here is Mine and tell me what you think
  14. Is it hard to fly or easy to learn like i learn the Lvl d 767 / Pss 757 / Wilco ERJ 145 in like 1 day but i think the maddog is kinda lil harder to me so much buttons lol so i was wondering if anyone has a little tutorial or manual on like a test flight to try fmc programing takeoff descent the whole sha bang would be really appreciated
  15. Hey when i request transfer to miami artcc when i click submit i get an error saying transfer request have errors. i double/triple check it my cid and pw is correct don't know whats up
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