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  1. Correlation, my dream come true. Thanks. PD, I hate those FP flying arround. Philip.
  2. They are displayed, when connected properly.
  3. Hello Lluis, in order to define the rule for showing the line between Algier and Barcelona, you need to define the Algier sector, for further use in DISPLAY, but if this boundary do not share responsability, there is no need to define the sector area, just the sector. SECTOR:DAAA:0:60000 OWNER:0A
  4. This is what i am talking about
  5. I agree, BTW european training department is asking only for ASRC. Why is that?
  6. Well, many thanks for all the replies, now if the pro mode is developed, the problem is solved. , cheers, Philip.
  7. Hello gentleman, I have been using ES almost from the start, and not always ES shows the Pilot Name. This is not an isolated case, the rest of the ATC here in Spain using Euroscope have the same issue. I forgot to report this on the beta forum. Any comments?
  8. Range rings was commented before, but almost nobody use them, specially simulating european systems. By the way, with VRC are useful because you don't have leader vectors. ES don't need them, it has many advance tools that put range rings on the past. My humble opinion, Philip.
  9. Hi, there is no trail on TSSR targets, so it is difficult to perform an identification by ident turns method. Regards, Philip.
  10. Hi Manuel, I know that is a bit time consuming making all the voice pieces, but I can [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ure you, once get it done, you will forget the ATIS update. Just a piece of advise, try to make all the pieces at one time, because of the enviroment and mood, not always your voice will sound the same.
  11. Ok, thanks to all. So it would be a mess, just show position and speed, with a wrong SQ. Or hide the C/S, but can't be an option XD?
  12. Hello, yes that is correct. Let have the option to get as real as possible, i dont know if modern radar systems behave or not in this way. Thanks.
  13. Thanks for the quick reply, but i think you get me wrong. I think an aircraft that is not responding with the correct code, should not be identificated.
  14. Hello all. Sorry fellows if I am wrong, but why an aircraft squawking diferent code or TSSR, shows all info on the datablock (if detailed in the last one)? The system works like that? or I am missing some important info. Thanks in advance. PS. Gergely, State-of-Art work , thanks!
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