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  1. Philippine charts are available for some reason at Eurocontrol https://www.ead.eurocontrol.int/cms-eadbasic/opencms/en/login/ead-basic/. Registration is required but it's free.
  2. Andreas, I hate to have to explain a joke, but for the sake of cross-cultural understanding, zzz often represents sleeping or snoring. 😇
  3. Also useful in the little-known "pilot alertness" field.
  4. Thanks Kieran. Yes, I missed that note about non-applicable fields. I have now finally logged in OK. Still don't know why it rejected my previous login though.
  5. Just wondering if anyone else has had a problem recently logging into EAD/Eurocontrol. It's been my go-to site for European charts for quite a while but has now started rejecting my log-in. When I attempted to register a new log-in, it demanded details of my pilot's licence (now where did I put that dratted balloonist's licence?) and will not proceed without them. Unfortunately I am only a sim pilot so would appear to be excluded from access.
  6. You can always ask the controller to also send you his message by text -- that way you can read and compare with the spoken instructions. Experience should make it easier. I have come across the occasional controller in the US who take a perverse pride in speaking as rapidly as possible, but of course much more air time is wasted in requests for repeats.
  7. Hi Dieter, As regards Australian charts and plates, you can find them all for free at http://www.airservicesaustralia.com/aip/aip.asp. Just scroll down and click on the button and away you go. There's plenty of excellent scenery available for Oz, both free and payware. Look for FTX and OZx for a start.
  8. That worked. Thanks a million. I think I will download the updated Vatspy as well, though. From another satisfied customer. Clive
  9. Just in the last couple of days, when I try to launch Vatspy I get an error message: Error Loading Config - There is an errror in XML doc (0,0) I have tried reinstalling Vatspy but it makes no difference. My Servinfo still works fine fortunately. Anyone know how to fix this? Thanks Clive
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