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  1. Come fly Chicago on Thursday night. We have another Approach Controller (Nate Coffield) working to get his rating. We need IFR, VFR, uncontrolled fields, RNAV/GPS/VOR approaches... the works! We get started at 2300Z (6:00 p.m. CDT) and will continue for three hours. See you there!
  2. Our dATM, Ron Lemke announced on the ZAU Forum: American Airlines is the best airline in Chicago! They had many more operations than United did... I have yet to see official numbers, but a cursory glance of the data reveals that American won without question. Congratulations, American! And a big thank-you to SWA, DVA, and NWA for rounding out the event. On CHI_APP I personally saw more than 400 aircraft in four hours. We definitely broke a sweat! See you next time!
  3. Actually, I think you have every reason to be excited. How great would it be if UAL and AAL are trying so hard to be named the "Best Airline in Chicago", but you show up with all of your NWA guys and take the prize from BOTH of them? Come fly, Anthony... and bring your buddies!
  4. Join us as vZAU hosts Friday Night Ops on Friday, February 27th starting at 2300Z. We'll be staffed to the nines to provide a full array of ATC services, and we'll keep the event going as long as there are planes in the sky! To add to the fun, United and American are competing to see who is the better airline, by sending as many operations into ZAU as possible. You don't want to miss this! Think your VA can stand toe-to-toe with the biggees? Join in! How about flying a series of short hops to as many ZAU fields as you can muster... We'll be staffed all the way to the ground! Or perha
  5. Well, I took the plunge and subscribed to the newsletter. To everyone who helped create the newsletter: Nice work! I really like it. Looking forward to the next issue!
  6. Well, don't forget that it's a holiday weekend... Contact me at esv216 (at) yahoo.com, and I'll point you in the right direction.
  7. +1 I'm not trying to target Ric for anything... mistaken time conversion can happen to anyone. I once missed an event by a full day because it was posted with the proper date (Friday, 0000Z), so I showed up on Friday night local time, only to find out that the event had happened the night before. But I learned my lesson, hence the reason I pointed out the time difference at the top of this thread. And, I must agree that posting both times encourages people to make the conversion and double-check it, so I suppose that posting both times encourages education. So, I guess I've changed
  8. Or, if we just start posting events in UTC correctly, no conversion will be required. Posting both times is like saying that UTC isn't sufficient. We're simulating aviation, and we should tell time like aviators.
  9. Not to be snippy, but I must point out that because GMT advances the date as well as the time, the correct GMT date and time for the FNO is Saturday, November 29 from 0100Z - 0500Z. This is the same as: 11/28 5-9 p.m. PST 11/28 6-10 p.m. MST 11/28 7-11 p.m. CST 11/28 8-12 p.m. EST Yes?
  10. ZAU would be more than happy to accommodate a VA event, especially during 2300-0300. Visit our web site at www.zauartcc.org and get in contact with the staff.
  11. Thanks for the great event, everyone! And I'd like to add.... I p[Mod - Happy Thoughts]ed my S3 OTS during this event! Whoo hoo!
  12. CHIN-dee-ah-go-POP-oh-lis. I worked very hard on piecing them together... don't pick on a teacher regarding pronunciation issues... we'll throw the dictionary at you... I personally think "Chicapolis" has promise. If the women in Indiana are as hot as the ones on Chicago's north side, we'll have no problem calling it "Chickopolis."
  13. Oh, I'm all for it! But, what should we call the new vARTCC? Chicapolis? Indianago? Chindiagopopolis? Decisions must be made!
  14. I know that at ZAU, we are expected to provide top-down service, meaning that if you're controlling CHI_APP, you are responsible for all B, C and D airports within your airspace. If you're controlling CHI_CTR, you're responsible for every B, C, and D airport within ZAU. I think it's safe to [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ume that the controller is expecting you to contact him before you try to land/take off from one of the B, C, or D fields under his control. I have experienced a similar expectation in other facilities. If you call and the controller can't provide that service, he'll tell you.
  15. Don't look now... but Anchorage is actually online at the moment! Looks like they heard you!
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