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  1. Well Maybe I should have been somewhat clear for some people that answered this post. I did not offend me by someone saying duh! I am retired Army and it takes a lot more than someone saying anything that maybe rude. Some can not pass up the opportunity. But anyways I want to say thank you to everyone that chimed in. I knew it is 1200 but what some failed to understand is after you have reached your cruising altitude does it change even when there is no ATC on at all on Vatsim. Have a good one.
  2. Thank you for the feed back Robert
  3. Good evening. have a question for the controllers. If a pilot is at an airport and it’s uncontrolled what code do you squawk after take off and your flying IFR. ALSO when there is no controllers on at all, when you get to your destination. thank you Marvin
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