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  1. We are very pleased to announce that Deon Matthews had been appointed to Interim Director for VATSIM Africa Division Effective Immediately. First, we thank George Condes for his successful tenure and dedication and welcome a dedicated and longtime member to the staff. Although the appointment is interim, we fully expect Deon will fulfill the requirements necessary to complete the permanent transition. Please join me in congratulating Deon and granting best wishes and thanks for George! Best, Thomas Mathieu - 998318 VATAME1
  2. Dear Members, I am very pleased to announce the appointment of George Condes as VATSIM Africa Division Director. Mr. Condes brings extensive VATSIM staff experience and he is ready for this very challenging role! We also want express our deepest appreciation for the very hard work that Jason Adriaan has done for Africa. Your efforts most certainly contributed to a significant improvement of the VATSIM network in this region. Please join me in congratulating George and wish him great success!
  3. The application period has closed. Thanks all who submitted their applications and we are hopeful to announce our appointment very soon!
  4. Congrats Joseph and our members, old a new, will depend greatly on your skills and experience. I wish you great luck and success!
  5. Hi All, To ensure we have enough time to consider the best of candidate applications, we are extending the application deadline until March 15th, 2016. We look forward to receiving your letter or application.
  6. VATAME is seeking applications for a Regional Membership Director. This position is perhaps one of the most important and difficult as it entails daily interaction with staff and members of the entire Region on a continuing basis. This region encomp[Mod - Happy Thoughts]es the Middle East Division, Israel Division and Africa Division, making it a very diverse region. In terms of land m[Mod - Happy Thoughts], you will need an A380 to cover the area on a reasonable day and time zones spread across several hours. The ability to speak at least some of the many languages of this region is a plus, as well as the ability to work with little or no supervision (and sleep). Qualified applicants will be thoroughly vetted to ensure we have the most qualified and dedicated staff for our members. Responsibilities Include: • Addressing daily referrals from the Region Director to help member and staff inquires or issues; • Availability to respond to all emails and inquires within a period of 24 hours, daily; • Helping new members find and sign up with their new Division/vACC; • Helping the VATAME regional staff with daily communications and sharing announcements in the forums and social media; • [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ist with monitoring and moderating the VATAME forums and sub-forums on a daily basis; • Meeting with Division Directors on a regular basis to address member concerns and complaints; • Getting in touch with members who register but do not connect to the network; • Ensure vACCs have information about new members and transfers; • [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ist the Regional Director in any capacity as required to ensure the daily operations and continuity of services to the various Divisions and vACCs in the Region Applicant Requirements: • Must be a member of the VATSIM Middle East Region for at least the last 24 months from the date of submission of application; exceptions may be granted on a case by case basis. • Applicants who reside in Africa or Middle East region in real world will be given preference over applicants from other regions; • Applicant’s knowledge and fluency of multiple languages from this region will also receive preference; • If appointed, applicant must agree to resign from any current vACC or Division staff appointments/positions held upon appointment; • Applicant MUST be very knowledgeable of all VATSIM policies, regulations and agreements; • There is no controller rating requirement. However, the applicant must have a very good working knowledge of VATSIM’s air traffic procedures; • There is no pilot rating requirement. However, the applicant must have a very good working knowledge of VATSIM’s flight procedures; • Applicant must be of good standing with absolutely no major disciplinary incidents for at least last year. Additionally, applicant must not have any history of DCRM referrals that were confirmed and enforced. Must be willing to devote up to 8 hours a week as requirements come up. Interested individuals should send their application emails to [email protected] . Please submit resume or letter of interest no later than March 1st 2016.
  7. Thank you Patrick for your hard work and I am hopeful that we see you on the scopes.
  8. There is a forum sub-title error that I will get fixed. South Africa is now part of Africa Division and no longer excluded.
  9. Looks beautiful! I know where I need to file some VFR!
  10. The VATSIM Africa & Middle East Region Director is happy to announce the appointment of Shahin Najafi to the Regional Conflict Resolution Panel. Mr. Najafi is a welcome addition to the VATAME staff team bringing with him his extensive experience in managing vACCs and Divisions. In addition, his experience helping and reaching out to members will help our panel in times of urgent needs. Mr. Najafi’s appointment is effective immediately. Congrats!
  11. I wish you great success Hakim and hopeful that your new team will help put North Africa back on the VATSIM map! Cheers!
  12. The VATSIM Africa & Middle East Region Director is happy to announce the appointment of Saad Belouafi, former Director of the Saudi Arabia vACC, to the post of Division Director for the VATSIM Middle East Division. An integral part of the VATME Division, Mr. Belouafi will take over from outgoing Division Director, Shahin Najafi. The VATME Division faces many challenges and we are very confident that Mr. Belouafi will continue to bring the Division up to speed, while improving services for our members. The VATAME Region would like to thank Mr. Najafi to stepping up and taking on the difficult job of structuring and running the VATME Division during a difficult period of transition. Mr. Najafi’s efforts will be continued by Mr. Belouafi, whom the VATAME Region wishes the best of luck. Mr. Belouafi’s appointment is effective immediately.
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