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  1. Hey welcome! CNC4 is where I learned to fly.........hope to see you on the scopes soon in CZYZ
  2. A solution I use is to have one channel on my headset and the other through the PC Speakers. Yes, you can still get simultaneous transmissions but they are easier to distinguish - and the headset naturally takes precedence.
  3. Interesting discussion - in general I support the OP's opinion, call in with your position. When logging on at CTR, I don't send a whole pile of contactmes out at once, as that just floods the incoming calls - but what I do find happens is that pilots will quickly call in on their own as soon as they see you come online. Great, that they are aware enough to call in, but a problem when you get 5-6 calls just as you log in, and have not even had time to scan the scope (or even finish setting up yet). A position report at least gives me a chance to know which sector I need to look in (and in my c
  4. Well, that made my Xmas break interesting -- all in and working fine (on my somewhat aged machine) - Bonus is that the whoel machine is much faster after the reinstall the OS enema applied to it! The kids are even happy, as they have IE7 back ( it had stopped loading some websites on the old install...) Even found a 152 to fly around to practice while the RW weather is so sucky [not flown for real for over a month now ] - and it even has carb heat! Nice to manage to not get lost in my RW practice area, once I turn up the number of roads - all in all very impressed so far. Next ste
  5. Yep the clean install did it. Also managed to get the video card rivers to install properly for the first time ever! (Which was probably the issue) Now, I just need to recover all the other lost data from the other hard drive.... like all the kid's and wife's stuff..... ho hum.
  6. Well, took the plunge, ordered X-plane.... Waitied the several hours it takes to install from the DVD, tried to lauch, and got a memory reading error (something with an X and lot of 0000 in it..) Finding it hard to find information to help out - some of the forums don't seem to be there - other's deal with far later on in the process stuff (like flying etc...). Reading the log file, there are a lot of errors with my video card driver (but that's another story, my system refuses to update the drivers for some reason..) But if anyone has any advice, even where to look for advice,
  7. Oh for sure, i'm a better Pilot - and i'ts all jolly good fun as well. (Especially listening to Keith's Sunday night sarcasm)
  8. Hi Chris, Welcome, and may I extend an invite to fly down at visit us in Toronto any time. http://www.czyzfir.com/ will give you charts an route info, and CYOW CYYZ is one of our more popular routes!
  9. On the other hand, a few weeks back I was flying VFR unler the layers around CYYZ sightseeing, and I got a nice pm stating "You are welcome to fly into CYYZ if you want"
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