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  1. I've been test implementing this at KZAB (Albuquerque).... just need a plane to work it with lol Ramos
  2. Works on my Blackberry Storm flawlessly. Much appreciated for the work you put into it! Ramos
  3. A job well done to everyone in VATSIM, and a special congrats to ZLA and Athens! good luck to everyone, its going to be a competitive 2010! I know ZAB will be stepping up to the plate :) :) Ramos
  4. it has been found. thanks to Andrew Doubleday. Ramos
  5. are we still able to get VSCS for VRC? the Peter Sagar website is down, and I cannot find anywhere esle to pick it up. any and all help is much appreciated. Ramos
  6. I like that, looks professional! What Color profile is that? or is it custom? it's a modified STARS R14. only changed 2 colors because of the multiple ways Fixes and Fix labels are used in our Sector file Ramos
  7. And here is my scope, coming out of the Dusty Southwest at ABQ_43_CTR Monitor 1: All Radar (DSR mode covering all of Albuquerque) planes in the West are at Phoenix, up in the Northeast at Albuquerque, and down south by El Paso Monitor 2: All the Extras - Flight strip bay, Arrivals/deps, weather, comms, controllers, edit flight plan, and room for 2 chat boxes. Firefox behind that with AirNav open Ramos
  8. Thought i read somewhere on Vatsim that a standard maximum OBS range is 150nm, going higher than that needed a reason. its mostly due to the bandwidth resources available. Ramos
  9. My First flight was terrific. Granted I made all the newbie mistakes (No FP, radio not tuned, not reading the charts) It was a simple VFR Flight out of Chicago Executive (Palwaukee mun KPWK 10nm N of KORD). Was gonna head to a little strip in NE Indiana. I taxiied my way and departed KPWK without a problem (minus a wicked crosswind). I had no idea what a cl[Mod - Happy Thoughts] B airspace was, and found out the hard way as i made my way between 5 aircraft lined up to land at O'hare. (note to self: Cessna's and B757's dont mix). The CHI_APP controller, under some stress from the event, was
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