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  1. https://vattastic.com is a good in-browser solution Otherwise if you'd like a desktop client, VATSpy is a good choice. https://vatspy.rosscarlson.dev/ Note: this is my personal opinion.
  2. This change was announced 4 months ago. I was able to convert my applications to the v3 feed in about 15 minutes. JSON is far, far easier to use than a colon-delimited text file.
  3. This topic is near to me. I just recently changed my name with VATSIM and it was a process - I had to provide supporting documentation (which I luckily had, but I know that many people do not have this). I put my pronouns (she/her) in my controller info. I sign in as "Alexandra Robison". I still get "sir"ed. Personally, I have accepted the "gender neutral" state of terms like "man" or "dude", but I know people who would be bothered about things like that. Overall, I have not encountered much LGBT+ hate. My ARTCC was supportive of me when I came out. However I do agree that we sh
  4. I rarely check the VATSIM forums, so this is the first I am seeing this. First off, I thank you for the positive feedback for Mr. Lawrence. He is truly one of my best controllers. That being said, I am quite appalled that you would choose to call out my entire ARTCC in public like this, not knowing any of what happened behind the scenes. It does not faze me to be given constructive criticism - quite the opposite, I welcome it, but this just feels really inappropriate to shame an entire ARTCC in a public forum without one bit of constructive feedback. If you would like t
  5. I was trying to connect to USA-N. I will try later with a different server. Thanks Don!
  6. As you can see, I am connected to the network, yet vATIS says I am not. Any ideas?
  7. Sorry if this sounds a bit harsh, but isnt the thread topic "ARTCC Consolidation" not "VATUSA for ATO"? It just seems like this derails the thread further. Maybe include your opinion on the supercenter idea. After all, isnt that what this thread is about?
  8. Will the new CERT allow access to the authentication services at the ARTCC/FIR level? Would make things much easier than trying to create forgettable logins like Abdelrahman said.
  9. I dont think that you needed to put it so rudely. A simple "No" would have sufficed.
  10. Im not having any problems, I was just wondering what the policy was on having ads to help out, help save a couple of bucks. If thats not allowed, thats fine.
  11. Hey all, As many of you know, the cost of web hosting is rising, and I was wondering what the policy was on placing ads on an ARTCC website to pay for those bills. Thoughts?
  12. When trying to open a newly created airport file: Runtime Error '9' Subscript out of range. Thoughts?
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