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  1. Can you blame me for trying to get the most out of my VATSIM experience? When I signed up with VATSIM I was given instruction to go to my region / division to learn the rules. This is what I am attempting to do but it seems like my division only has information about Australia and New Zealand. It would be nice if the welcome sticky recognized the Pacific Islands (i.e. Micronesia) as well. I need to let you all know that there are some Pacific Islands that ARE listed in ChartFinder (PGUM, PGRO etc.) as these are part of Micronesia. And PGUM, specifically, is a territory of the U.S. I am able to see these file folders on ChartFinder but my problem is I cannot open their contents. And, yes, I do have a .pdf reader. I was able to open the contents of these files once, maybe a little over a week ago, but ever since then - nothing. I've even tried to connect to ChartFinder's reference website www.naco.faa.gov directly and I can't even connect. This is the reason I thought the links were now broken.
  2. The Pacific Isl. are supposed to be under Oceania but they aren't mentioned as a part of Oceania in the welcome letter sticky and I don't see anyone even talking about the Pacific Islands region. It's like it has just dissappeared! I can't even access the Pacific Islands charts on ChartFiner or that other site in VatSim (charts.vatsim.com). There are so many broken links here it's not funny. Any idea what's going on here? Why so many broken links? Is the FAA shutting these down? It doesn't seem like the website is maintained. Please Help. Martin
  3. Matt & Norman, Thanks for your rapid replies! Matt, www.vatpac.org does not have any information about Oceana or the Pacific Islands. And the link to the charts that you gave me only contain Australia and NZ charts (thanks for those, by the way). What website would I go to for my region/division which is Oceana/Pacific Islands? Norman, Any idea when the Pacific Islands charts link will be updated? Was there something in the forums that I missed? By the way, does ChartFinder only work with Internet Explorer? I seem to have been able to use it with Firefox about a week ago but not since. Thanks again guys, Martin
  4. I've been trying this website for over a week and still cannot connect. Is this website dead or has it been taken off line by the FAA? Thanks, Martin
  5. Just established an account with you all and went to my specific region division (Oceana - Pacific Islands) to download some charts and lo and behold the site is down. How long is it going to be down? Also, I noticed that there are a lot of other dead links to charts and web sites in other parts (i.e. Chart Finder is dead) is VatSim going to be dead soon as well? Thanks, Martin
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