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  1. Thanks for the suggestion. I just got home after running some errands, and decided to run some more tests. I was surprised to find that I could hear voice transmissions when I was using my headset, but when I turned my headset off the only audio I could hear from VPilot was sound effects, such as the brief burst of static when someone transmitted a text message. The RX light would illuminate to indicate I was receiving something, but no audio would come through. I checked my VPilot audio settings, and somehow the settings had reverted to blank values. I reset those correctly, and now everythin
  2. I record most of my flights with OBS, with the intention of uploading them to YouTube (currently less than half of my recordings actually get uploaded, but I hope to increase that percentage in the future). This usually works out just fine where voice audio is concerned. However, the first flight that I recorded after the 2.7.0 update did not include any voice audio from VATSIM. I could hear the sim audio and my own voice in the recorded video, but none of the audio from VATSIM was recorded by OBS, even though I could hear it just fine when I was flying. Is there any way to temporarily roll ba
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