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  1. Thank You VATCAN! I have served VATCAN in a national capacity for the past 7 years and appreciate the dedication, hard work and cooperation of my many colleagues and friends at VATCAN. VATCAN has been an innovator and role model for other Divisions of VATSIM in recent years; a testament to your hard work. Our Centralized “National Training Unit” (NTU) and the thousands of hours invested by it’s dedicated and talented Instructors and Mentors has resulted in a superb standard of ATC which is consistent across the entire Division, and is the envy of many others globally. We were the first VAT
  2. Congratulations to Daniel Oordt on his appointment as FIR Chief, CZVR! Daniel has been an active member of VATSIM since 2007 and has held senior staff positions in ZDC Washington ARTCC, in addition to logging many hours at Vancouver as a Visiting Controller. He comes to VATCAN and CZVR with RW experience as a Commercially licensed, Multi-Instrument rated Pilot (CZBB). Daniel has some very solid and innovative plans for the rejuvenation of the FIR. I am sure that with Daniel's fresh approach to a new direction for the FIR and with your support, we will see many good things happening on the
  3. Hello Justin. I have sent you an email. We will get this sorted out.
  4. It is with great sadness that I report the p[Mod - Happy Thoughts]ing of Bob Price (former FIR Chief at CZVR). I will post a more comprehensive notice near the beginning of next week.
  5. Hello Adam. You account has not been activated. You should have received an email with a link back to the site to complete the activation process. There may have been mail server issues with this activation email. I have manually activated your account and had the system send you a temporary p[Mod - Happy Thoughts]word. You will be directed to change the p[Mod - Happy Thoughts]word on your successful login.
  6. It is with great pleasure that I announce the appointment of two new FIR Chiefs at VATCAN. Congratulations to Matt Sander, CZVR FIR Chief and Greg McCormick, CZQM FIR Chief. Both Greg and Matt have a fresh and clear vision for the growth of their respective Regions, and each has demonstrated a remarkable personal work ethic and leadership style which will carry the Vancouver FIR and the Moncton FIR into a revitalized and productive future. In advance, I thank everyone at VATCAN, and particularly the members of the CZVR and CZQM FIRs for your cooperation and support; with Matt and Greg's
  7. We have a new site for CZVR. The basics are up there now, and we plan to grow the site (charts, procedures, roster etc.) over the next few weeks with our the help (suggestions) of our FIR Members. Vancouver FIR members and others interested in CZVR are encouraged to register. https://www.vatcan.org/czvr/
  8. Happy Fall Everyone! I believe the SSL Certificate has been renewed for the VATCAN Site. Please continue to use this thread if you encounter further difficulties.
  9. Hi Guys! We found an inter-server communication issue. I believe it is now fixed
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