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  1. True, as long as the "heavy" in question is not in a terminal area or decending from it's cruise phase in preparation for an approach/landing in which case it should always be referred to as "heavy" by both ATC and the flight crew. Here's the exact verbage from the FAA's ATC publication: b. The word "heavy" shall be used as part of the identification of heavy jet aircraft as follows: TERMINAL. In all communications with or about heavy jet aircraft. EN ROUTE. The use of the word heavy may be omitted except as follows: 1. In communications with a terminal facility about heavy
  2. Ego?! Oh c'mon. Who could possibly have an ego when driving a 400,000 pound machine through the air?!
  3. Right you are, Mike! My bad. It is 255,000 not 300,000. Thanks for the clarification. Jeff
  4. Hi fellow VATSIMers. We all know that aircraft such as the 747, 767, 777, A340 and others are refered to as "heavys" because they have a maximum certificated take-off weight of 300,000 lb (136,000 kg) or more. So, while monitoring r/w ARTCC comms, I was curious why sometimes the crew of a 777 would include "heavy" with their callsign when checking in with the ARTCC and other times they wouldn't. So in the interest of keeping our hobby "as real as it gets", I did some digging on the FAA's website and found the following. Go to http://www.faa.gov/ATpubs/ATC/Chp2/atc0204.html and scrol
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