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  1. With the plan release of flight simulator 2020 on August 18, 2020, I wanted to know if Vatsim did work with the Asobo designers of the new simulator or what the plans are for Vatsim regarding this new simulator.
  2. Hey guys, I fixed the issue I raised with the config situation. However the program runs for a little bit and quit lately. It just closes out and wont open, I try many times, restart and it may randomly open. What could be happening.
  3. FIXED!!! It turns out that using LevelD 763 from a cold and dark start. The only thing that vPilot acknowledges as "power to the avionics" is the right center electric hydraulic pump. Yes the hydraulic pump. All electric systems are on and vPilot did not recognized that the avionics were powered. So once I turned that hydraulic pump on, the tx/rx indicator on vPilot lit up and I was able to communicate. Very strange as the hydraulics should not have anything to do with the electric power to the avionics. Will be helpful if the developers could say something.
  4. I have it installed but nothing showed for the fsx.se The directory was pointed to fsx sim objects. Nothing for fsx.se I am not sure if I need to install again and point to something under steam. And I cant even see which folders the flight sim installs in the steam edition I tried in the fsx and connected to servers and it worked but I still see the default AIs and also hear the default ATC Sorry to hijack your thread Jamie.
  5. Tom, you seem to have a world of knowledge for my start. So quick question. I do not see any mention of fsx.se in the read up. Does this work for fsx.se (steam edition) I did the installation, went to the vPilot and seems only the fsx install got more sim objects (2470 models) fsx.se has the same as before
  6. Worked like a charm. Thx a lot Then I saw the pin thread. Sorry admin, but my search did not turn it up for some reason.
  7. Can you tell me where to get this FLAi liveries? Sorry I know its not an answer to your question but I need a start
  8. I had Vatspy installed. Ran a couple of days on computer, no issues. I go to do a normal run and they I get "error loading config" the following error occurred while attempting to load configuration object . There is an error in XML document (0, 0). I have done reinstall a few times. I attempted to install the .net frame thing again. No help. Please help
  9. First off I hate to start this topic as before I started this I read through similar threads I applied all the lessons learned in the previous threads. Basically I have no voice with ATC. Cannot hear or can they hear me. I run vPilot both local and remote all to no avail. I tried the administrator run suggested in other post, no help. I try stock plane and leveld. No help. I have tuned the radios any which way I can and still no help. I have set the input mic and output speakers both to headset and computer speakers and still nothing. I tried both fsx and fsx se still wont
  10. I have been off for a while so sorry for the delay in getting back. How do I find the logs
  11. Any one with [Mod - Happy Thoughts]istance??
  12. I am trying to set up my fsx with 6 monitors. Single computer Two 1070 gtx graphics card Very high end computer spec All montiors are connected Fsx will not load and continue to crash saying fsx has run into a problem and needs to close. I did run on 4 monitors one graphics card before adding the new 2 additional monitors with the additional graphic card. Help please what am I missing Specs, and just added System: Intel i7-6700K 4.0GHz Quad-Core | Intel Z170 Chipset | 32GB DDR4 | 3TB HDD | 240GB SSD | Liquid Cool | Genuine Windows 10 Home 64-bit Graphics: NVIDIA GTX1070 8GB Vid
  13. I had a couple through the USB hub, everything else is through the main computer. I went through and did a complete reinstall of fsx. I did not even have to reinstall the goflight config. I started fsx and went through the recognition of the goflight.exe again and this time voila all modules are recognized. I know I did everything the same way the first time around too so unfortunately I am not sure what resolved this issue. But thanks to all that took the time to respond, well appreciated.
  14. Thanks for your response How does rex essentials compare if you do have it. I know rex essentials has some weather textures in them. If you want more realistic textures are they any suggestions out there?
  15. Does any one have these and how are they or compare to other products out there like Aerosoft, Active sky etc
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