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  1. Plus VRC has the TAAATS display (the Aust radar system).
  2. They are not avalible online as yet. I belive some VTC's are online, but are in 3D form (so you can see the airspace steps from all angles) and not able to printed as "charts". You can however obtain old charts from your local aviation community. Ask the local flying school or charter operator for the outdated charts. Private pilots may also have some charts. Now sure when the next update comes thru, but they occur every 5-6 months. In anycase, it's best if you hunt around now and ask for them. Some may have kept the old copies and in the very least they'll know to not throw them out at the next update. In the mean time, open VRC or ASRC with the Aust sector files, you can view the airways with them. Not perfect, but better then nothing.
  3. It seems that someone has forgotten to pay the domain name bill this year.
  4. It seems the VATPAC domain name needs to be registered, so don't worry if you can't access the site right now.
  5. Rather then remove your post, why not edit it to provide the answer. Incase someone else has the same problem.
  6. I asked my region if they were making a policy on the local region forums. The comment was no as ASRC doesn't support this data. Btw, why are you attemting to create a regional standard on a global forum? I don't even know WHAT region you're from. If you want infomation correct for your region, I'd suggest to use your local region forums. Otherwise some yank will say put A in box 1, a British gent will say put B in box 1 and I (a controller from Australia) will tell you to put Z in box 1 (but only cos I don't know what I'm talkin about).
  7. Could it just be the server you're connected to? Try another server and report the results.
  8. The answer is one of the following. a) Two weeks. b) When it's done c) Two weeks after it's done d) When people stop asking when it'll be released. e) All of the above Take your pick and enjoy.
  9. In VRC flight strips are VERY easy to edit. F6 and select the aircraft. Then type in the text box what needs to be changed, click the ammend button and it's done. You can also click the [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ign squawk code button in there. As for the Twr mode, it doesn't require a "monster" PC to run it. My now dated PC does it just fine. FS2004 with some settings turned a bit down and VRC running together with average frame rates in FS of 30fps. But you can use multiple computers via a network if you want. Myself and a friend did some testing where he connected to my VRC multiplayer session with FS2004 and was able to view aircraft (I was also connected at the same time with my FS2004). The only two differences where I could see his "aircraft" in FS2004 and he could see mine. And we could both use the FS2004 chat to talk to each other. It didn't affect the performance of my PC and nothing was sent back to the VATSIM network. Btw FS9 IS FS2004!!! If you meant FSX then no, FSX isn't supported yet, only FS2004. But never fear because as soon as squawkbox is release for FSX then VRC will be given the updated code (Joel gave the squawkbox code to Ross to make the MSFS virtual tower work). I don't belive FS2002 is supported, but I think there is a proxy tool that links FS2002 and FS2004 multiplay sessions that may work with VRC to let FS2002 join in.
  10. ASRC v1.2 added features that came with VRC 1.0. And VRC v1.2 appears to be progressing very well and includes such major inovations such as voice ATIS. VRC v1.1 has the "tower" mode, where it starts an FS2004 multiplayer session that you can then join and view the aircraft with (no pilot clients needed, no proxy server or second connections to the network, it's all built in). The ONLY two reasons I'd choose ASRC is the built in VSCS and it's interfaced designed to fit onto a single monitor. For everything else, it's VRC all the way.
  11. And the VATPAC Pilot [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ist. http://www.vatpac.org/[Mod - Happy Thoughts]ist/?pg=pilot[Mod - Happy Thoughts]ist
  12. Check the VATPAC forums at http://www.vatpac.org for anything local. That said, at most big aviation events we have get togethers. Ie at the Redbull Air race last year in Perth. And at the Avalon International Airshow every two years.
  13. If I recall correctly, the chat box has opened, but off the screen, Type .cascade (spelling??) to put them back on screen.
  14. When? And confirm it was the AvRA you attempted to join.
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