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  1. The font/sizing of the Acft. Tags are extremely small and unreadable for me. I cannot read any of the text on VATTASTIC to know if there are any instructions on how to resize or change the font on the screen. I apologize if this is not the Forum for my request. Take Care and God Bless us all.
  2. WOW, this very hard to find you, Don! But, I want to THANK YOU for your instructions to fix the VAT-Spy Program. I never knew how much I depended on VAT-Spy until I lost the use of it! I am back in the air and very dangerous to Airport Emergency Crews everywhere! Thanks Again Don Smith VATSIM ID: 1001023
  3. I still have problems with the VATSIM Text line. If I use the Text line my Flight Sim Commander, the curser is taken away to the Flight Sim (FSX Steam or P3D4). I do not understand why! Thanks for any help! Don Smith
  4. Hey Don Thank you so much for your help! Don wrote: "Your configuration file got corrupted. Delete the configuration, which is located at %appdata%/VAT-Spy/VATSpyConfig.xml Then restart the program. It will rebuild the configuration file." I completed this configuration exercise two days ago; also, I had my flight buddies help. And, now I use VATSpy each and every time I fly VATSIM. Again, Thank You! Don Smith
  5. I am sorry, I am trying to re-install VATSpy again. I have used VATSpy for years and now something happened two weeks ago. Did I get hacked? Thanks for the reply. Don
  6. I did something! I do not know what I did but I must of messed-up someway! Error Loading Config The following error occurred while attempting to load configuration object: There is an error XML docomeent (0,0). OK When I hit "OK", I get nothing! I do not understand any of this or how to fix it. So, if I might have some of your time, I would appreciate you help very much! Don
  7. "So, my next test will come tomorrow when I talk with ATC in a controlled area." Well, my TEST came today with Ft Worth Center @ 1653 Texas Time. NO PROBLEM!!
  8. Roger Flight Sim Commander v9.7 w/AIRAC 1801 rev 1 Windows 7 A friend in Memphis that I fly with most mornings told me the same thing, that he had that box ticked in FSC and it did not bother him. This afternoon, I tested talking (Transmitting and Receiving) with ATC - Bradley Approach while on the ground and I did not have my old problem. So, my next test will come tomorrow when I talk with ATC in a controlled area. Wish me luck. I hit a keystroke and/or combination of keystrokes to cause this problem in FSC because it was not an issue 5 months ago! Thanks Again! Don ASO455
  9. Don Thank you for your input, Sir. I run all of my programs "As Admin". A truck driving preacher from Alabama has just now, hopefully solved my more than 5 months problem. It was as simple as "ticking/unticking" a box the Flight Sim Commander. He told me to go to upper left corner Menu: MAP - Aircraft on Map and make sure that the box was unticked. I will test further while flying in an ATC controlled area and report back. I am very happy with this prospect. Thank You Don Smith
  10. Morten I am sorry I did not mean to indicate that I connected my FS through vPilot. Thank you for your input, Sir! Here is what happened: In VATSIM, 10/10/17 From other Forums, I have adhered to the Mouse Drift Problem directions with the following actions: START -> Control Panel - > Mouse Properties -> Pointer Options - > Hide pointer while typing (Unchecked) This has cured my Mouse Drift Problem, but I have another more important problem at hand. SYSTEM: Running 3 monitors, Intel i7 CPU, 930 @ 2.80 GHz, RAM 12.0 GB, 64-bit OS, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960, Windo
  11. Congrats on the 25k hrs! - "You have your [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ignment - Good Luck, Sir!" Nicely Done, Ron! Hi Kyle! Don Smith
  12. Well, I still have my problems! I did download and install a fresh copy of Flight Sim Commander v9.7 yesterday and found that I cannot use vPilot to communicate with ATC and text to my friends while using FSC. So, I configure the flight plan and set-up my FSC as though I would 'connect to FS', but I do not and only use it to see others on VATSIM and note my FP on the map. Does anyone have a suggestion as to what changed with the way I flew four months ago and now with my problems? Thank you for your time! Don Smith
  13. Thank You, Don "1. Pause on task switch is NOT selected 2. Run your simulator as an administrator 3. Run your client as an administrator" 1. Check 2. Check 3. Investigating I will update after learning more about running client as an administrator (Unknown). I was wondering if my keyboard was inadvertently hit with a combination of unintentional keystrokes that would cause my problem(s). Additionally, I was wondering if I reduced the monitors from three to two monitors thereby eliminating components one-by-one until it is hopefully back to normal. I can then talk with any
  14. Do FSX SE and/or P3Dv4.1 have (a) keystroke(s) that demand the cursor at all times while flying? I guess I will continue to avoid any ATC that come alive in my area so that I can continue to fly on VATSIM. Thanks for any help! Don
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