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  1. Hi michael, some advise it to be about 1.5 times the size of your ram, is a good place to start, but yeah as sven said, let windows take care of it.
  2. hi eric your dark "spikes" may be a memory leak issue (im not sure how to check as i had it before and it was really bad when using spot view and scrolling round the a/c quickly, i was advised it was a driver problem but since found out it may probably a memory leak issue, i have the 8600gts 512 and using driver 163.75 (this driver also displayed the same characteristics and so did other drivers,) but im also using nhancer to sort all my jaggies out. the "spikes" just sorted itself out(somehow) my card is clocked from 675 - 1008 to 745 - 1080 and my temps are at 52 deg f, i think t
  3. hey, romano, looking at videos on youtube or downloading music occasionally takes my internet connection from me and it shows up as "connection timed out", it may/may not be coincidental but may also help you, but it could be something to look into. cheers
  4. morning all well i got my (original) card replaced, so im back to an 8600gts but with my h[Mod - Happy Thoughts]le and more than 8 weeks of being without it - they upgraded it from 256 mb to 512 mb (for all it costs - all of a fiver) but still, running 3-d benchmark im getting a score averaging 18-20k which is strange because my old card only done 2500 benchmark (which may have been done when it was knackered) im not sure, i dont think, there is a noticable performance gain, but we will see. cheers guys
  5. ah ok, many thanks ivan cheers paul
  6. good morning guys if i do this, it opens up "my docomeents" folder does this mean my xp isnt installed correctly?
  7. afternoon guys, my pc retailer is going to give me a "shot" of an 8500gt 512mb graphics card while they are waiting on (an 8600gts) coming back into stock so i can get mine replaced under warranty, my question is does anyone have this card and how does it run fs9/fsx? any comments are appreciated cheers paul p.s they also say i dont need to change the drivers, is this so??
  8. just what i was needing martin, many thanks sir regards paul
  9. good day guys, sorry to post this here, but i only have an hour or so to get a reply my 8600gts is going back to the shop and getting replaced under warranty, my question is : is it as easy as just unscrewing it and huling it out? i ask because ive been told about uninstalling drivers first, but surely if im using the same g/c then i dont need to?? if someone could reply to this within the hour that knows, it would be much appreciated cheers guys paul
  10. hey guys, thanks for the response guys, I am waiting on dino getting back to me, despite now two emails (i phoned them and they asked me if i wanted to arrange a pick up to do the request by email, to which there is no response). Bill, out of what you all said, the most probable cause (i think) is the detritus getting in the socket, because - i understand that things can short and went to some length to make sure i was earthed as to not(i have actually had a few years on pcb work, so know that damage can be done,) damage anything. my heatsink was a piece of cake to come out and go
  11. good morning all, as the title says my pc is freezing on the desktop within minutes of it starting up, ok recently ive changed my thermal grease from this horrible white gooey stuff that was plastered all over the cpu, (and what looked like was on far too thick) to arctic thermal 5, and although you arent suposed to see temp differences staight away - i did, albeit only 2 deg. anyways i phoned the shop(in london) and they are saying to send it back because my heatsink isnt seated properly(even though i know it is). Now it freezes regardless of it being in safe mode, or bootin
  12. ok ive posted in the pmdg forum also, and to add it seems to do it when i open up the overhead, undock it and move it to another window.
  13. yes norman, it is doing it without vasfmc or any other addons running, and strangely it is not doing it when in the 737 700
  14. hi norman, ive only just bought it and i dont know how to fly it yet, and if i put the airport im going to into vasfmc, i know roughly how far away i am. actually its like its the same thing thats happening like before when i tried to fly offline and go on tower at the same time, ive read a few bits about frame rates and stuff and dont think pmdg has hit me that hard actually, its a bit strange to explain.
  15. good day to you all, i just bought the pmdg yesterday 6/700 and since its bn installed my mouse is freezin terribly, even as i am trying to write this, - the problem is only when i am in the pmdg, - every 3-4 seconds my cursor dissapears and comes back after about 4 seconds, as i say its only when in the pmdg, any help would be much appreciated as it is quite intolerable, -even as i write this my text doesnt come up right away. specs core 2 e6850 3.0 p5ne32sli mobo 2 gig ram 250 hdd apparently im only using half my processor, so any ideas???? thanks edit : i am a
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