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  1. Because it should be in the proper ARTCC. It shows 35 planes for ZDC when 15 of those are in ZNY, which leads pilots to call up Washington Center for clearance from PHL. Would make it a lot more convenient.
  2. Philadelphia (KPHL) shows up under ZDC Washington when it's actually in ZNY New York. This shows misleading traffic for ZDC.
  3. Yes, I have tried all of that with no luck.
  4. I am currently in Holland, and my FS9 cd is in Canada, so there is no way to get it.
  5. Hello, Today I headed to the store to buy a fresh copy of FS9 for my Macbook Pro. I run Windows Vista Business 32 Bit via Bootcamp. After having removed my prior version of FS9, that was running on XP before I upgraded to Vista, I installed the new copy. There were no problems with the installation, and everything went well. That is, until I tried to run the game. The splash screen appears, good, then the screen turns black... good, but then it starts flashing and returns to the desktop, closing Flight Simulator 9. I searched google and went to the Microsoft website where there is a 11 ste
  6. I use a MacBook Pro with Boot Camp and Vista Ultimate. Easiest way is to buy the Windows OS, follow the instruction in Mac OS X, and install Windows. Then insert the Mac OS X CD in Windows to install the Boot Camp drivers. All done within 15 minutes.
  7. Gary, Thank you for your great work within VATUSA.
  8. Hey Steven, An alias file is a decoded text file which alows the controller to text messages in a dot form. Example would be: .ctl 28l = American 222 winds [email protected], runway 28L cleared to land. A POF file or Position Operating File as I call it (don't know if it is correct ) is a file which includes specific squakcodes and goodies for the ARTCC/FIR itself. Both files have been created by a Facility Engineer or guy who wastes his life writing aliases and are availabe for download under "Controller Downloads" or something like that from your ARTCC/FIR website. They are then uploaded onto yo
  9. Ok I think I have a solution for this. For me, VRC couldn't take the extra anti-aliasing booster program I used for FS9 which was nHancer. I now just turn off the the anti-aliasing (or set it very low) for FS9 when im controlling and every thing runs good. I know it has something to do with Anti-Aliasing. Hope this helps Daniel
  10. Hey guys I was observing on VRC tonight and my VRC started acting very laggy. Typing in the text box was lagged and so was moving around on the screen. Sometime its good but lately it has been lagged. Hope I can get some help. Daniel
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