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  1. Just simply being an A320 does not make it RVSM capable. Also, aircraft will fly at inappropriate altitudes for a variety of reasons...traffic or for traffic flow.
  2. If it is a descend via then an a line underneath the altitude means cross it at or above. A line above the altitude means at or below. A line above and below means cross at that altitude. 200 —— At or above —— At or below 200 —— 200 130 —— Cross between 13-20 —— 150 —— Cross at 150
  3. I’ll add this... You’re cutting corners to save time but then having to explain how it saves time. Phraseology isn’t “stuff” - it exists to eliminate confusion. I will also add that in my real world experience, you do get a wide variety of pilot responses. You’ll have people check in saying “with you” from mainline 777’s to Skyhawks. You’ll have some readback “Cross CHPPR at one three thousand and two five zero knots” and the next guy say “CHPPR at thirteen and two fifty.” When you’re busy, the natural thing to do is speak faster but trying to take those little shortcuts, at
  4. VFR is part of the game. If you want to have a realistic environment then you have to accept the the good and the bad. The bad would include a VFR in busy Cl[Mod - Happy Thoughts] E, squawking 1200 doing whatever he wants and just having to deal with it.
  5. Yes, being given a revised clearance on the ground or later in the air is a likely scenario. Unable to comply with new issued routing would result in vectors or an alternate course. Just simply denying and really, ignoring someone is not what would happen in real life. I am a real world fully certified center controller. Dealing with inexperienced pilots is an everyday occurrence and not unique to the OP's pretentious video ridiculing 16 year olds who are attempting to learn something and know they aren't real pilots which is why they are in a simulated environment to begin with.
  6. Denying clearance to an invalid flight plan is exactly what a real controller would do No, it isn't.
  7. In real life, I try to emphasize if the intensity of the weather will increase deeper in a larger cell. For example, "I'm depicting moderate to extreme precipitation 11 to 12 o'clock, 50 miles, cell is 40 miles in diameter with larger areas of extreme precipitation at the eastern edge of the cell".
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