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  1. To whom are you referring? I'm just curious
  2. Here you go. Clearly showing the route of AUA 778 ready to depart BKPR to LOWW. Photo by Kushtrim, a friend of mine.
  3. Mirza, That is exactly the correct route that airlines flies to BKPR in real life. Basically, airlines coming from Europe fly until RETRA then enter Albanian Airspace, Macedonia and finally BKPR. Let me share you a photo regarding this. Still looking for that photo. Regards, Fatmir
  4. It's not that bad, actually it's almost perfect but the frames can go down when there's fully AI Pack installed or even when I'm flying online in VATSIM (using SB). This occurs only when I'm on the gates, heavy airports e.g. LSZH, LOWW, EDDF... Otherwise when I'm flying 'offline' and without AI it's perfect. Overclocking CPU will gives extra performance compared to GPU overclocking.. I have an E8400 @3.00 GHz, so I don't know if over-clocking would improve my FS9 performances. Yeah, thermal paste it's pretty good. My brother have used it when he repaired his XBOX3
  5. Hi all, I'm looking to OC my 9600GT 512 MB GPU. What are the optimal values should I turn to? EVGA precision shows these values: 650; 1625; 900 and 35 for FAN SPEED. After OC will I get better fps on FS9 (high density airports with fully AI). After all, does it worth over-clocking? Kind regards, Fatmir
  6. FS9 works great. Don't know about VRC! Fatmir
  7. Luke is right. The maximum as I can see is 60 Hz. All I wanted was to get up to 30FPS when I play multiplayer (only at gates)! Rgds, Fatmir
  8. Yeah, 22" HP w2207. Running on 1680x1050! Fatmir
  9. No, I'm using only 1. Using the latest drivers? Yeah, latest ones for Windows 7. I think I should go with 2 another GB of memory. What are your specs and how many average FPS do you get? Fatmir
  10. Today I finally moved on Windows 7 and installed FS9. Immediately I started FPS testing. No addons - all sliders to max FPS couldn't go above 60. It's interesting that I moved all sliders to left and minimal graphics, still 60 FPS!!! Weird! Then I installed addons (GE Pro, UT Europe, Flight Environment) all sliders max, using nHancer AA8x, AF16x at LOWW gate with PMDG 737 (no traffic) I'm not getting above 30FPS, sometimes they drop to 22FPS! Am I supposed to get these FPS values! Here's my specs: Intel Core2Duo E8400 @3.00GHz Patriot 2GB @800Mhz Samsung 500GB 7200 rpm nVIDIA 96
  11. Unfortunately there were some mine amateur mistakes during mobo fixing!! This was the only problem!
  12. Hi all, I have just built up my new own hardware and after truning on, gives me a strange error usb device over current status detected!! shutting down in 15 seconds Not able to enter in BIOS or something else. I have also looked for jumpers and CMOS but till now it's the same problem. Mobo ASUS P5QLE-M Really appreciate your help. Regards, Fatmir
  13. Hi all, I have a quick question. Should I go for Patriot DDR2 2GB, 800MHz, PC6400 or Corsair DDR2 2GB, 800MHz, PC-6400. Kind regards, Fatmir
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