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  1. I'm sorry - i didn't mean to offend, I was just looking at realism aspect. And I'm sorry for bringing back this old thread. Maybe, and admin could lock this thread, so that others do not make the mistake that I made. Once again, I am sorry for offending you - I was thinking out loud, it was just an idea, testing the water so to speak
  2. An idea Hi all, I'm the new guy, hopefully, if all goes well, I'll be logging into my first session soon. I'm still very "scared" and I don't want to screw up anyones flights. I got a few questions tho'. I read the post about heathrow being super busy, and pilots not following procedure etc etc, and screwing things up for long haul flights, and generally ruining peoples fun.... well, it's my understanding that there are military aircraft in this simulation, right? And if a pilot doesn't follow procedure, is it not true that fighters are scrambled to intercept? Just to make sure? It w
  3. Thanks for the reply I want to learn to be an ATC, and also a pilot. I'm not sure which one I want the most - ATC seems more involved, i'm hoping I get to speak to lots of people - and also the flying - ahhh... I can't wait I think I'll start with ATC - I'm using linux - are there any clients avalible for linux? Or am I going to have to make the switch to windows?
  4. Hi guys, as the title says, I'm new, just signed up, and I want to joing this network so bad! First of, I'd like to know how I can learn all this? Are there online lessons I can take? Or do i need to observe an ATC for a length of time first?
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