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  1. Dont think so- it seem to catch switches which are in the on- state... They were both on my Thurstmaster Warthog HOTAS Throttle. But after third or fourth attempt it disregarded them... /Stephen
  2. The above is infact the problem - selection of a key that was not constantly on. By pressing the "Set new PTT" a number of times i managed to get it to scan for other switches which were not pressed and subsequently select the correct. Looks nice v 2 /Stephen
  3. Hmm. Seems the problem is actually a different. That it has cought a joystick switch which is on, rather than the one I thought I had selected... Now the question is then how to byp[Mod - Happy Thoughts] that selection, and get vPilot to identify the key which experiences a state change after the PTT button selection process is started.
  4. Hi Ross, Previously in v1 I was able to have my PTT configured via Traffic Proxy on the Sim PC, and The transmit button down/up send to the remote vPilot PC w Voice. This does not seem to function in the Host + Remote_w_Voice setup. I have configured a PTT on the Host PC as a joystick button. Any ideas? /Stephen
  5. Hi all, I run ES with two screens on PC 1. and a third on PC 2. The main is running on PC1. All works fine there. The 2. on PC1 and 3. PC2 are connected via the proxy server. On 3. window (on PC 2) I am not able to set temporary alt, speed or heading. Doing it on the main screen works fine. Anyone else experience this? Any way to avoid this problem? /Stephen
  6. Hi, Suggesting coordination change to the previous controller works fine. But suggesting a change to the next controller does not work. Is this a known issue? Thanks /Stephen
  7. Got a link for the info: http://www.forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/topic/80210-Queenstown-RNP-Procedures /Stephen
  8. Hi Mark, Thanks, I am mainly a P3Dv2 pilot flying JeeHells FMGS A320-214. I browsed the AIP - where I found the procedures, but not the coordinates [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ociated with the FIXes. Would you happen to have a link to where the coordinates are defined? The Navdata AIRAC being for simulation purposes, could the FIXes and procedures not be defined there ? Such a beautifull approach procedure. Flew it approximately to a 23 approach with ORBX new NZ south island. /Stephen
  9. Hi, I did a flight tonight NZAA-NZQN. I downloaded the RNAV Y (05 & 23). In the lastest AIRAC from Navdata Pro it seems that all the approach points and procedures are missing. STARS are ok, but not after ATKIL and IBABU. Further I cant seem to locate the coordinates for all the points QN577 etc. Can anyone direct me? Thanks Stephen
  10. Thanks. I seem to have FSInn freeze at click of CP after correcting the chat window issue. I can also read about an unresolved issue on the migration tool support forum. However running it outside P3D in legacy mode seems to work fine.
  11. Any drawbacks to running P3D in legacy mode, like issues with true P3D addons? /Stephen
  12. I also see a joystick disconnect both in P3D and X-plane under W7. It happens for my CH pedals, and my thrustmaster warthogs... Could in part be due to the Theustmaster Target software though...
  13. Unfortuanately this only solves the problem partly. This should be solved through the XSB application, or even better coordinated across all FS connection applications.
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