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  1. The reason these chart links are broken so often is they aren't stored on the AIS site itself, but rather on the main EuroControl AIS Database. If you copy the link in this format, http://www.ead.eurocontrol.int/pamslight/pdf/4e415453/EG/C/EN/Charts/ENR/EG_ENR_6_1_4_1_en which is the link from the NATS AIS page, and not the PDF itself, the link will continue to work and won't time out a day or two later.
  2. Hi Chris, What do you mean when you say "it works, but not entirely"? What from your code is working as expected and what isn't?
  3. Ernesto, it is that simple. In Squawkbox you'll only see the controller in the list if their primary frequency is set - and that primary frequency has to be within a certain range. I believe values above 136.xxx MHz don't work on Squawkbox so try getting another frequency below that value and it will be fine. EGPX_CTR on VATSIM uses 135.520 which shows up for FSInn and Squawkbox users fine.
  4. Latest mini-project - sector file for LXGB Gibraltar, with the SRA and its 90º turn to final included for Runway 09 approaches.
  5. Hi Carlos, you could give Craig Philips’ UK [Mod - Happy Thoughts]istant plug-in a try which has an option for the history trails but I’m not entirely sure if it will run on a Mac or not as it requires Microsoft Visual C++ redistribution package — always worth a shot! viewtopic.php?f=7&t=50408&start=0
  6. Gatwick (EGKK) Director screen... tried to get it as close as possible to the R/W set-up, think it is pretty close! http://img.ie/c0522.jpg
  7. Yeah, the land colour is 10323575. The water colour can be changed through Symbology Settings (inactive sector background), however I have now included a few lochs (lakes if you aren't Scottish ) amongst the land and they are colour 7419136. Latest one here showing Loch Lomond & Loch Leven: http://img.ie/6b19c.jpg
  8. Miguel, I was using the .sline command in EuroScope to draw out certain coloured regions for the sector files. Since that command gives the output with COORD: and a few other things amongst the co-ordinates, I created a quick PHP script to strip that out and give you the co-ordinates in a more simple way to copy & paste into the sector file. I've put the code below if you wish to put it as part of a script on your website I have no issue with that. <?php if($_POST['submit']){ // First, put all of the textarea lines into an array. $data = explode("\n", $_POST["coord"]); // T
  9. Here’s my new Glasgow Radar setup (EGPF), took a lot of colouring in due to the painful west coast of Scotland http://img.ie/7727a.jpg
  10. Hi, that would be great to see on your website Miguel which I use for a few other things. In the meantime I've found IvAc Builder to convert NOAA to SCT. http://hsors.pagesperso-orange.fr/ivac.html Great tools you have created on your site.
  11. Does anyone know where I can get a program to convert extracted coastline data from the NOAA database to .sct?
  12. Yep, Romano, I'd also like to see this useful VRC feature in EuroScope.
  13. Ensure 'Set active APT by owned sectors' is not ticked then click the Runway menu option from the top menu bar and set your active airport and active runways.
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