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  1. I have been a vatsim member now since last year, and i updated to fsx. I have read and trid to install that fsinn and copilot, but it is just a disaster. It will not work atall, and i am following the instructions. Can anyone reccomend any other software that will work on fsx and also connect to fsx? Thanks Tom
  2. cheers sir it has solved the problem thanks for your help much appreciated tom
  3. i will try that agian but when i click on the multiplayer it does not show any games that are online thanks for that
  4. fs2002, can anyone please help me, i have fs2002 and fsx, i cannot connect with fsx so i resolved to going back to fs2002, but although i am connected to the vatsim network on fs2002, i cannot see any traffic what so ever. i have tried connecting to the multiplayer system on fs2002 and putting the server name and number in and it does not bring back any results, is there anyone that can suggest any way of being able to see traffic? much obliged tom
  5. I also have fsx and have downloaded the fsinn and fs copilot software, but i still had trouble connecting to vatsim, it is not allowing me to access chat, which is essensial to see controllers that are online, hopefully squawk box 4 will be very easy to install fingers crossed for trouble free installation regards tom
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