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  1. Jorge, I think I'll give it a try. There will be ATC services/support for gringos, right?
  2. I'm looking for more information about flying in South American airspace on VATSIM. Does VATSUR have something similar to this thread? http://forums.vatsim.net/viewtopic.php?t=30563 that helps non-native speaking individuals? I flew from Miami to Brazil this past weekend and was hoping to make similar flights to other South American / Central American countries. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks. Dylan
  3. Thanks, Everton, for your help. I'll make it a point to fly in Brazilian airspace more often. Do you know where I can find some good Brazilian scenery for FSX?
  4. Gentlemen, This is the route I used from KMIA: EONNS1 EONNS URSUS UL795 PSN From what I could understand from the VATSIM Brasil website, I had to be [Mod - Happy Thoughts]igned a STAR approach into SBGR by ATC, I couldn't pick one. Because there was no ATC, I chose the TUCA 09 STAR. The approach controller was on-and-off several times while I was flying, but based on his ATIS, I saw that he was using the Charlie 2 arrival. A couple questions: Why can't the pilot choose the STAR as part of his flight plan? This would allow the pilot to program the approach fixes in his FMS befor
  5. Guys, yesterday I flew into Brazil (o Brasil) for the first time (KMIA-SBGR). I didn't know this thread existed before today, but I appreciate everything that was posted here. The biggest issue I had was communicating with ATC and understanding how you guys do your STARS and approaches. How do I know what other traffic is doing (on unicom) if I don't speak Porteguese?
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