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  1. Great, Gergely! It is really good news Can we modify code in present ES version or that will be availeble in next?
  2. But I never use STARs for approach Why let pilot to fly all around when he can fly direct to ILS. Traffic flow speed just after safety. And if I use STARs, they are leading to FAF, surely. Ok, maybe this is not place for talking about ATC techniques but I personaly find it very handy and i know that RL APP in Serbia are trained to use times for vectoring.
  3. Hehe, good try but in that case you have only distance, not time. To get time, you have to select airplane first.
  4. As you can see, VRC have good solution for this...
  5. Nononono and no. I just took example screenshot from ACC (or CTR, what you like) but I'm firstly talking about APP position. There you need times to FAF (final approach fix) to deteminate who goes first, then second etc. This is tool No1 for radar vectoring for ILS app. This is what I'm talking about.... Ok, I made this in simulator but imagine that JAT301 is also a ATR72. Without times to FAF, i can't use speeds to slow down or speed up to make a good separation.
  6. Thank You for reply, Gergely. Do you have in mind to fix that in new versions? That is a major problem because "time to" is most important thing from that tool. I made this shoot just for example. You can see that values are unreadable with only two planes, imagine what would be with 5 or more.
  7. Hello lads! I have a problem with distace tool. For example, i want to anchor two or more planes to final approach fix. When I do that, values overlapp and they are unreadeable. Ok, i have some informations in top left corner but don't have times to that fix. What should I do?
  8. Thak You Gergely for reply. I searched all ES subforum but didn't see that info.
  9. Hello to all! I'm making a .ESE file for SCGvACC and I have problem with two things... Firstly, I made CTR (tower) and TMA sectors and that works fine. I have that sectors active and have borders to next controller, but only to higher position. For example, I have LYBE_TWR(BGT), LYBE_APP(BGA) and LYBA_CTR(BGC) in this case. When I connect as BGA in simulator with BGT and BGC set as online, I see border to BGC, but not to BGT. BGT is within BGA and BGA is within BGC. They are only separated via vertical component. I manage to establish that "lower" border in some settings, but
  10. Ok, thanks for your replies. I made a mistake about VRC but i had situation for first time that I was out of squawk codes because my ACC sector has only one octal and rest is on airports and that night I was alone on LYBA_CTR. Later I changed in my .ESE file and added more codes for that position. It can be a hint for ES versions to come, to [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ign first free squawk code. Cheers!
  11. Hello to all! I have one question about squawk [Mod - Happy Thoughts]igning in ES. In VRC, when [Mod - Happy Thoughts]igning a squawk, program gaves first free and returns to first when aircraft leaves area or disconnect from server. In Serbia, range for example Belgrade, LYBE is from 5330 to 5347. If I [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ign 5330 to one pilot and he leaves my airspace, VRC will give again 5330 to next pilot. I don't see that ES do the same thing and i wonder is it because i didn't set it well or what? Thanks in advance
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