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  1. Heres my fix Add more points along the taxi way thet the plane will push back to. Take this example Plane on stand 55 with V taxiway behind it when you issue taxi V as a command it will taxi to the nearest waypoint it sees on the V taxiway. So the answer would be to add a waypoint behind each stand on that taxiway. Job done Yours Darren Fletcher Midland RTSI Vatsim-UK
  2. yep lots of airports that get opened and best (most open airfields) time is on Sunday evenings UK time ill add EGBJ to the list too there open on Tuesday evenings too and provide a great VFR service if you into that. you could even consider a pop over the sea to jersey or even local airfields in France. Yours Darren Fletcher p.s. its great to see some smaller flights pottering about to even more stranger airfields
  3. that happens some times, try flying around the UK on a Sunday evening around 8PM ish GMT you will have loads to lay with hehe yours Darren Fletcher
  4. cheers Ross was [Mod - Happy Thoughts]uming taffic would line up at the displaced threshold no idea why i thought thah just did for some reason LOL ok sorted Thanks Darren Fletcher
  5. runway info ;prim runway [RUNWAY 33/15] ;needs to be set yet displaced threshold=230/245 ;default turn off direction turnoff=right ;start rwy 33 - junction taxiway E 52.446417 -1.739746 ;junction taxiway C 52.4494444444444 -1.74305555555556 ;junction taxiway F 52.4497222222222 -1.74361111111111 ;junction taxiway G 52.4522222222222 -1.74638888888889 ;Centre point of runway / 2 runways cross 52.4538888888889 -1.74805555555556 ;junction taxiway K 52.4569444444444 -1.75138888888889 ;junction taxiway B 52.4613888888889 -1.75638888888889 ;junction taxiway A 52.46555
  6. Cheers Ross might need to look at that for now it seems putting twrtrainer on my laptop solves the issue for now Darren
  7. cheers i think i just need to make sure my router is setup for that Thxs ross
  8. any have any ideas on this problem vrc connected working twr trainer connected working teamspeak connected working but slowly builds packet loss up to about 15% disconnect vrc and packet loss drops but if twr trainer is not running and i connect vrc everything works fine it only seems to happen with the 3 connected at once i have tested using twr trainer on a sperate machine on the network too and have the same problem so thinking a port issue, any idea what port twr trainer use's? Yours Darren Fletcher
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